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Move On After Broken Heart
I wish I heart is breaking..and all I want is to sleep and not wake up!!

My Boyfriend Died
I was in three serious relationships in my life.One seven yrs,one three years and one year. At a difficult time in my life things began to happen to me things that no one could explain, because it was spiritual.I lost one of the guys to a seizure the night i was to meet him he was 25.The other one died in a wreck was 39. And the one thati thought i could not live without of seven years died in a diabetic coma he had just turned 31.I asked the lord WHY? He said because you forgot all about me. Some things the lord allowed me to go through to get me to be a powerful witness for him. Remember that God watched his son get crucified, if he had to suffer we are going to have to suffer also. The lord just let us borrow them for a season. God Bless

Drunk And A One Night Stand
If you asked the Lord to forgive you, and you are sincere in your heart, then I believe he has forgiven you. Did you know to repent means to turn away from...
If you want to be with your wife and you've turned away from your sin, then Unless God wants her to know, I would'nt tell her.
Ask the Lord for guidance and don't dwell on it, lest it happen again. God Bless! I'll be praying for you....

Are Abusive Marriages OK
That doesn't line up with scripture.
You don't have stay with someone if their harming you. You can seperate and pray for them. You can't divorce if they wish to stay with you. You can divorce only if the bed is defiled. It's scripture...

Don't Know Who My Dad Is
Kella, I'm sorry for your painful situation.
I have seen my dad twice in my life.
I wouldn't be able to pick him out of a crowd. In fact the last time I seen him he was right in front of me at a temp place.
He was there the same amount of time I was, about an hour. He spoke to me first. I don't know of anything that would help except pray God will fill that void with himself. After all, Who is our Father and Mother?

False Prosperity Message
First of all, as long as your giving your tithing at church then the Lord will give you what you have need of. Remember, he said what we need not what we want. Ministers should not sell the Word of God,that is supposed to be free. They are breaking scripture in doing that. It is more blessed to give than to recieve, thats where the prosperity comes in at. Don't forget when your blessed with increase, GIVE GIVE GIVE.

No Christmas Or Easter
Easter is the day of worship for the Goddess Ishtar.
It is all about fertility rites.
It has to do with the Goddess Movement...
It's all sun worship.

Scripture Against Christmas Trees
Read Jeremiah 10:1-4
The tree was worshiped by the Druids.
It doesn't matter if your bowing to it or not. The matter is that it became an accursed thing through what the Druids did.
God said "touch not, taste not the unclean thing". It's Paganism....

Decorating A Christmas Tree
Actually, if you look in the encyclopedia you will find that december 25th is the birthday of the sun god Mithra.
The Druids worshiped the tree, and catholicism is what tried and succeeded to christianize their paganistic rituals.
If anyone wants to hear more on this or other holidays go to ChristiaNet, blogname: House of Jacob Ministries.

Church With No Cross
I never gave it any thought. I think it would bother me. I'm so used to seeing a cross somewhere.

Fat Christian Women
It is not always women abusing their bodies with food. But in answer to your questions why...There are medical reasons, and there is overeating. You would do well to develop a little sensitivity to the issue in a less judging and critical way. Some women are emotional eaters and don't realize it. Sometimes it is a thyroid or chemical imbalance.

Are The Gifts In Every Church
I don't think gifts are given in relation to the church. They are given with that person receives the gift of salvation and the holy spirit. I remember reading that in a verse, but will look up later. We are to use our gifts in the church. I've had mine for a long time, but it's taken me some time to realize what they were, and I've been to serveral churches in my lifetime.

Is This Prophecing
No, that is not prophecy. That is butting into your business. Prophecy is something like...God will use you in a ministry in a church. Then later that actually happens. At the moment (I'm tired) I can't remember the exact definition, but I do believe it tells you if you take the spiritual gifts test. Messages are to be given with love. This was not a loving way to do this.

Older Man In Love
I'm not going to condemn your Christianity, but you all sound like a lot of judgemental people with a thing for tax collectors. Do you even know this woman, or what her intentions are? I know you mean to be informative, but you are all assuming a lot about her. Nobody asked this poor guy anything more about the relationship. They just posted their blog assuming a lot of things. I personally wouldn't have found this all too helpful. I'm surprised at the number of votes some of you got.

Is Jonah A Biblical Hero
Mathew 12:39

"A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a miraculous sign! But NONE WILL BE GIVEN IT except the sign of the prophet Jonah. For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of a huge fish, so the Son of Man will be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. Biblical hero? He was used to prophecy the coming of Christ. The men of Ninevah repented for his teaching. Yes, I believe God pursues us for His purpose, however, we need to listen...big fish or not.

I Am Feeling Unappreciated
2 Thessalonians 3:13

WEll it couldn't be more simply put. But as for you brothers never tired of doing right. (Don't forget keep your eyes on prize and all that.) I quote this verse to myself doing dishes, and often I did when I was homeschooling. If it is right and honorable then do it. I'm sorry if that is not very comforting. It got me through the most menial of tasks.

Older Man In Love
While I respect your loneliness quip, don't you think you could have been more sensitive about the feelings of others? You sound like the poor man has one foot in a grave. What if he doesn't want to hang out at a Senior Center?

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