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Why Do So Many Christians Lie
I agree, however, I also call myself a christian. At this time I am not affiliated with any christian organizations. But, I am trying to do my daily readings of the bible and follow Gods Laws. When I say I am a Christian, I am saying that I believe that God gave his son as a ransom for our sins. I believe that if I should make it, everlasting life will be. I believe that God is speaking to us through the bible and all that he has said will manifest itself in the near future. But that is me.

Should I End My Marriage
It is hard when dealing with such problems in a relationship that is suppose to last forever. However, we are not perfect. should you leave? That is not an answer that anyone can answer. For what God has put together, no one should tear apart. That is a question you will have to meditate on. Talk to God and lay it all on him. He knows all. If only I knew the scriptures to guide you. but it is there. You are probably familiar with them. May God bless you.

How To Love The Unlovable
First let me say that I have made a practice of reading the bible, however, I have a hard time in remembering the scriptures. Love conquers all. You should not treat people the way they treat you. You should treat them the way in which you would want to be treated. When speaking of certain people such as friends or associates, you do not have to be around them on a daily bases. However, when they do come around, just kill them with kindness.

What If I Don't Agree With Pastor
It would be good to speak with your pastor. Tell him how you feel. If what is being done, violates what you know to be true about Gods Law, then you need to discuss it with him. Then only can you make a sound descion, if any.

Married Pastor Future Husband
Can I be a little blunt...without upsetting you. That is not what I want to do. He is a pastor and A Married Man. God put him and his wife together...yes it was on the rocks...but he is still off limits...if he was to move out his home, but remain in marriage...he is still off limits. Until that marriage ends...he is off limits. He is a pastor right, a leader...he knows this...I think you do to. If this PASTOR can do it two his wife. Can he not do it also to you. Respect what God has put together. In the long run he is the only Judge:)

Did Jesus Drink Alcoholic Wine
Let's say it did have alcohol, what would be the problem. One thing is for certain, Jesus was not drunk and acting a fool. That is what counts. Why not ask, Does God Permit us to drink alcoholic beverages?

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