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Is Mary Full Of Grace
What does Mary full of grace have to do with anyone's salvation or walk with God. Mary has passed on. Time is short. Get your focus off of Mary (she would agree if she could), and on to Christ. He is the "Door".

What Is Holy Water
The Catholic Church likes to distort the truth. They will send you a bottle of it for money. You can water your flowers with it, but they might die anyway. It's just water.

Mary As A Continual Virgin
Mary did not remain a virgin, after the birth of Jesus. The Bible is clear on this because Jesus had brothers and sisters.
With that said, even if she remained a virgin (which she didn't) what's the point? Our focus is on Christ. Do you SEE what the devil has done to Catholic's? He put's the emphasis on others, so he can take away some glory from God. After 2000 years, you didn't think the devil is sleeping did you? We are the ones caught sleeping, and we all better wake up. Christ is the door.

Is Purgatory A Real Place
Might get some Catholics angry, but I must confess the truth, in Jesus. Purgatory never existed, and never will. God loves us more than some false Catholic doctrine. We could never earn our way in. Jesus payed the price for us, once and for all time.

How Was Mary A Virgin
I have noticed that in the last 10 years Catholics are throwing the term born again around a lot. They actually think that they are. They don't know what it really is. You can pray and worship Mary from the time you can reason to the day you die. It could be for a hundred years. Mary cannot save you, or even hear your prayers. There is one thing that I know for sure, if you pray to Mary, you cannot possibly be Born Again.

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