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Saving Emergency Food
In my opinion (humble of course) both Anon and Jed are right. You should be thinking about your future supplies, including seeds and soil, and also, right now helping financially those who are in need. It may be that trees we plant now will feed Christians in the end times.

Husband Prayed To Rosary Beads
Strongaxe - Thank you for acknowledging my post. If you asked the people themselves, they would tell you that these objects merely represent saints, or the Virgin, or Jesus. I agree with your condmenation of any kind of idol worship. Where I live people will queue hours to see works of art. Is this not idol worship too? Or what about worshipping celebraties.

What Is A Liberal
My colleague who is a liberal, says that everyone should have vaccinations, and it should be the law. No religious, medical or any other excuses. It has been decided. Even though experts say vaccinations cause diseases. Cars and vaccinations kill most people, not guns.

What Is A Liberal
There are laws being put in place that will force people to go against their consciences. Anyone who cannot see it is a poor blind sheep and needs to be prayed for.

What Is A Liberal
We all belong to the militia, meaning that we wish to defend freedom. Anyone who does not defend it, deserves what happens to their country, communism, fascism, concentration camps.

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