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Married To Jezebel Spirit
Christians have taken too many things out of context. Read your bible people and quit listening to false prophets and teachers teaching doctrines of demons. There is no such thing as a Jezebel spirit. Jezebel is dead. The woman in the book of Revelation is not called Jezebel.

Why Churches Don't Counsel
All Christians are able to counsel about marriage from the Word of God. We had a pastor tell us that we needed to work on our marriage first before joining the church (AOG. He offered no counseling or classes. That was almost 2 years ago. After a bad car wreck, surgeries, a ruptured disk and 2 days later my "Christian" husband walked out on me. I asked a christian couple to intervene because he wouldn't talk to anyone and was very depressed. Their answer, "we are not qualified". If we would share the truth about marriage and divorce with others, God would use that to work in peoples lives. I am still trusting God to get my husband to see the truth and believe before it's too late.

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