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David With Many Wives
Leon and Cluny,

Strongaxe is right and is following complete biblical law where polygamy is concerned. The law states (both biblical and otherwise)
That polygamy is having more than one wife.
Cluny, Jesus was not talking about marriage to a woman when he said you can't serve 2 masters. He was speaking of serving God and the devil at the same time, it does not apply to this situation at all.
The point is that the Bible says nothing about polygamy being wrong in the eyes of God. Only gives definition of deacons not having more than one wife.
Also forbidding remarriage after widowhood is a nono in the eyes of God and shows false doctrine.

David With Many Wives

Cliff: God has never tolerated polygamy. The Bible clearly shows there has always been consequences to pay for sin. Look at what polygamy did to Jacob's (Israel's) dysfunctional family. Similarly, what happened in King David's family? But, the really big one that has leapt out Bible history & now significantly torments the world today is when Abraham & Sarah decided to take matters into their own hands. The result was the birth of two nations of brothers (Ishmael & Isaac) who have been fighting each other every since.

---Leon on 6/8/14

All bad examples Leon. SIN not plural marriage caused the issues.
And Abraham was not married to Hagar.
Bishop is the only role that commands only one wife.

Can A Divorced Woman Remarry

YOU DO NOT ANSWER because your argument is not truth... it is an assumption, heresey !

---Carla on 10/15/14

Actually, I didn't answer because I have been on this sight for years under many names and you have been given scripture SEVERAL times yet you will not listen.
What sins does Christ not take away?
Can you answer that?
And What does God classify as adultery?
NOT what you classify as adultery BUT GOD.
What you THINK doesn't matter. What matters is WHAT GOD SAYS.
You can hold people in bondage in your own hardened heart but I refuse to. I am dusting off my feet with you since you refuse to line up with the word of God no matter how many YEARS you have been told to.

Can A Divorced Woman Remarry

You have been given many, many scripture over many, many years and you still refuse to see. What is going to change now? Absolutely nothing.

Again, You ignore the woman at the well, Paul's instructions ( you receive only the parts that agree with what you believe), Christ rebuking the Pharisees, etc. If you cannot see where you err then I can not show you. You, missy, are unteachable.
You like to judge and keep people in bondage. That is NOT showing the love of Christ.
Divorce is permitted, remarriage is permitted and is certainly forgivable even though you refuse to answer those to specific questions.
Go and see what God considers adultery and what God considers as dead and you will certainly have your answers.

Can A Divorced Woman Remarry
Adetunji on 10/7/14

My concern and issue with Carla is that her stance shows NO love at all to women.
Love is to be the measure not the letter of the Law which she holds to. In fact puts women into bondage which Christ clearly tells us not to do and calls those who do such things Pharisee who honor God with their lips but their heart is far from him.
As for gender equality, I believe in it but I also believe there are some things that women are just not made to do. BUT If a woman is doing the same job as a man with same experience, she should be paid equal to what he is being paid.

Who Is The Rock
What you say is true, Peter is a rock BUT...
It doesn't change the rest of the truth. JESUS is THE ROCK that the church is built upon and nothing you say can ever change that. I suggest you read the Bible from front to back (instead of cherry picking verses and relying on what someone tells you) and ask God to show you. In you current state, you are believing a lie that has been planted by the RCC from the beginning. In fact this lie is one the reason the original church split in the first place.

Can A Divorced Woman Remarry
What part of the martial law being taken away do you not get? The SPIRIT of the law is what is upheld NOT the letter (which is what you are doing) That means, if the woman is in a dangerous position in a marriage it is showing LOVE to let her be released to be another mans wife than to hold to the letter which puts her life in danger just so you can hold her to the law.

And NO you did not answer the questions.

WHAT sins did Christ NOT take away and WHAT sins can a person NOT be forgiven of?

You, missy, are a Pharisee. You hold to the letter of the law and not the spirit of it.
As I told you before, you hold people in bondage. That is not what Christ came to do.

Can A Divorced Woman Remarry

It also states that if the unbelieving husband wants to leave, she is not bound to him and is free. My understanding is that bound is to be married and free is to be divorced. She is told to let him go if he chooses to go. That means she can divorce him.
If either a man or woman puts anything before their spouse except God, they are sinning.

Can Adulters Go To Heaven
We are no longer under the LETTER of the law. Again, please read 2 Corinthians.

You are stating the law in the old testament. Christ did away with the letter of the law that you seem to want to hang onto. Again, What sins did Christ NOT take away? And why are you denying the power of Christ? The Bible speaks of people like you. Praying for you Carla. My last post to you by the way.

Can A Divorced Woman Remarry

So you can also preach your own accursed gospel the word speaks for itself.

---Carla on 9/29/14
You have avoided THE question.
What sins did Jesus NOT take away?
And yes under the NEW covenant (the old was nailed to the cross), she can most certainly do just that. A person in sin is DEAD. According to what Christ stated.
So, not an accursed gospel. THE GOSPEL. LOVE according to what Christ has told us. Sad that you deny his power. I believe there are verses that talk about people like you. Praying for you and for your eyes to be open and hard heart to be softened.

Who Is The Rock

The Bible says that in the Spirit, there is no bond or free, no male or female. Our spirit is one and one with Christ. That is what this means. That is why it is so important to love your neighbor as yourself, husbands and wives love each other as they love themselves. This is because we are the same spirit when IN the Spirit. We each might have different jobs in the Spirit but we are one and the same in the Spirit. One Spirit, one baptism one body. The same. Sorry if you can't seem to grasp this concept.

More Women In Church

I certainly see your point there. I happen to believe that science proves God exists, The Bible even backs this belief up but that is a topic for another blog.

Anyway, men lead with their head and women lead with their heart. God made them that way. Not saying men have not heart, just have to take a different avenue to get to them.

Who Is The Rock

In the flesh we are not the same but in the SPIRIT we are one and the same.

One baptism, one spirit, one body. So even though we are all miles apart, when we pray and agree and stand on THE rock, Christ, anything is possible.
So in Christ, we are the same. The bible is very clear on this.

Who Is The Rock

Glory to Jesus Christ, Who is neither the Father nor the Holy Spirit!

---Cluny on 9/24/14

Actually, they are three in one. So yes Jesus is God, he is the Holy Spirit.

John 10:(KJV)

30 I and my Father are one.

John 14:9 Whoever has seen me has seen the Father.

Then there is the entire 1st chapter in St. John, etc.

Not disputing the trinity, because I believe in it. But they are all 3 an intricate part of each other.

As for whoever said that mess to you, they need to go back and RE-study the entire Bible. It plainly supports God being 3 in 1. Thus the trinity.

More Women In Church
Because God put in a woman to submit. Women are more likely to submit to God than men are.
Look at when Jesus died. The men went back to doing what they were doing before Christ called them. But the women were still waiting and watching for Christ. That scripture should give insight as to why. Not saying anything bad about men, just scriptural examples of an answer to the blog question.

Can A Divorced Woman Remarry

What sin did Christ not take away?
Why do you doubt the power of Christ by stating what you state about divorce? Also why do you hold to the letter of the law instead of the Spirit of it?

If you don't understand what I am saying/asking then check 2 Corinthians chapter 3.

Do you realize your putting people into bondage and denying the power and Love of Christ when you say what you say against divorce and remarriage?
Looking forward to loving, Christ filled answers.

Gap Theory Vegetation
My question is, Why argue about something that has nothing to do with our salvation?

God is outside of time. He says in his word that He controls time and his time is not ours. When God says 6 days then it is 6 days. We have to remember that God is outside of time looking at his whole creation and controlling it. If you want to believe that it is 6 of man's days, then that fine. If you want to believe it is 6 of God's days, that is fine too. just because we know what makes up something and how it is created does not mean we know it all. So, why even argue? Paul said the same thing. God has extended days and shortened them. So how do you know which one is right when God says both in his word? You don't. so why argue about it?

Adam Saw The Deception

Warwick & Leon,
you should both be ashamed.
Godly men/women should never make fun/pick on people because they disagree/misunderstand their post.

I'm sure you know not to add or take away from the Word of God.

No wonder those in sin don't want to know Christ.
Especially if this is how "Christians" act/speak.

The word says Eve was deceived by Satan. It doesn't say the things you stated. Such assumption/statements should never be made by God fearing people.
When we speculate, we get ourselves into trouble/false doctrines.

Eve was deceived, Adam chose. Both are were at fault.

What happened to taking the word as truth?
This truth keeps us out of trouble/false doctrines.

Adam Saw The Deception

All I can say to you is "IF" Adam was beside Eve when she was talking to the serpent, I believe he would've manned up (spoke up) & kept Eve from eating. But, the serpent cunningly sought an opportunity to isolate her from Adam to do his dirty work.

---Leon on 7/24/14

No he would not have. He loved Eve MORE than he loved God.
He did what any man does who is not following after Christ does. He let the woman be the head instead of being the head himself. His flesh was weak.
The Word of God plainly says he was WITH her. He knew what the fruit & the tree looked like, why didn't he swat it out of her hand then? Huh?
The point is Adam CHOSE Eve over God, simple.

Adam Saw The Deception

Tempting her to eat, the devil used Eve as bait to make Adam sin. Eve ate FIRST. That's when the damage was done & the trap was set.

---Leon on 7/23/14

Not utilizing hurt feelings. Just an observation of how most men are in their flesh these days. Look at how many children are fatherless. That's a big example.

Anyway, if that were the case, then why is it that their eyes were not opened until AFTER Adam ate of the fruit?
Adam was with her. That is what scripture says. I am not reading into it, you are by saying he was somewhere in the garden when that is not what scripture says. Trying to place blame on just Eve is redundant.
The word of God says through ADAM all have sinned.

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