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Marrying A Younger Man
I think you have to focus on God and your lover as far as faith concered if we are discriminating each other by age or race how we are Christian ? if u love him and loves you that is what is it matters..

Starting Dating After Divorce
I believe we all live by His grace some times we decided by our self rather than letting God's far as we are closed to him I think again we have to leave to him in faith If we give him to him every thing i believe He will change .so before we jumping to any conculision we have to leave every thing to him as christian.

Is Obama Muslim
I think as the Christian we have to discuss something educational which makes us good person. we know obama is a Church active memeber for last 20 yrs but it is personal relationship what connection he has .i believe it doesn't matter the person who is he faith race culture doesn't hinder us for loving him AS christ love us we have to love if we are christian we have to reflect our lord JESUS as he love his enmey's as i read it doesn't seem we reflect him we are reflecting something which we are fighting by the power of GOD

Why Do You Believe In Jesus
Well He is the unique and the true LORD
to my knowlage he is anoited king all sick healed still healing by his name the dead raised still raising.there is no darkness in him only light.when he sent to us he grow up like us but he serve our God he never have house money but he lived to serve the needy to bring all humity to God by offering knowlage faith love peace etc...........

Why Are You A Christian
Christianity is unique and living faith.all the principle is about loving all human it doesn't matter race ,relgion,poor or rich all are one in the presence of our lord .so if we are Christian we have to abide on this princeple.I believe this is the only truth and way which shines in human heart which lives earth as well as in heaven .this is the faith the hope of all humanity which librates from all darknness.
it is about equality love peace in the presence of all human by is the engine which knowlage of understanding from our lord.

I Hate My Husband
Do not HATE anyone. Read Romans 12. Jesus talks about giving food and drink and heaping coals upon your enemies head. I have recently been reading "every mans marriage" by Fred Stoeker. It is an absolute EYE OPENING book. Never knew about "oneness" even though my wife and I practiced some of the principles. But please read the bible scriptures on marriage and this book also. it may help in your situations. I am not a workahholic or any other "aholic" but I was a "worldaholic" in that I enjoyed too much of earthly things and trampled my wife to attain them. I am now understanding that her "essence" (her desire to be ONE with me and Jesus)is the most important aspect of our relationship together.

Is Everything Already Predestined
here's a couple of verses to help:
Lu 21:36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.
2Th 1:11 Wherefore also we pray always for you, that our God would count you worthy of this calling, and fulfil all the good pleasure of his goodness, and the work of faith with power:

Is Everything Already Predestined
time and again the Bible urges us to pray; even Jesus Himself prayed in the garden before His death. just because God knows everything and has already laid out our lives, doesn't mean we don't have free will. no one made me get saved, or answer the call to ministry, or even reply to your blog. God gives us a choice, He doesn't force anything on us.

Christian Music Written By Pagans
"surely i am convinced that God is no respector of persons" "man looks on the outward appearance, God looks on the heart." it's not your place to deem whether or not someone is a Christian. i listen to all types of modern christian music, and get as much or more as i do from hymns and praise music. worry about yourself, leave other people to God, and find something better to waste your time bickering about.

Best Church Signs Read
"prayer is asking God for rain; faith is carrying an umbrella"

Do Sinners Go To Heaven
there are 2 kinds of people: sinners lost in sin, and sinners saved by grace. "once saved, always saved" IS sound doctrine, but not an excuse to live how we want. "the old man has passed away, behold, all things have become new."

Shame For Long Hair Men
a "shame" is not a sin. it's a shame i missed my family reunion last year, but it's not a sin because i wasn't there.

Speak In Tougues Mean
"speaking in tongues" is actually somewhat of a wrong name, which is why some people don't get it. it actually means to speak in a foreign language not known to you, speaking through the Spirit. this is what happened at Pentecost: the disciples spoke in Hebrew, but people from many different countries and languages understood them by the Spirit.

Attend Baptist Or Pentecostal
church isn't about denomination, but about God and His word. heaven won't be divided by denominations; in fact, Jesus Himself warned against division among His people (Mt 12:25). find a Bible-believing church that teaches His word, and don't worry about denomination.

Why Are Crosses Displayed
churches display crosses the same reason a bride wears an engagement ring, to remind us of how much we are loved, and the cost Jesus was willing to pay.

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