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Who is Jessie Duplantis?

Dear friend in Christ:

For some time Jesus said he would make me the most gorgeous on earth.
What could that mean? this would be considered an absolute miracle from God. I am sure I am on the right track but this blessing is way beyond me.

Evangelist Is Talking Dirty To Me
Hi Madison:) The web owners set up a site where people could share their views on various questions. Why are you calling it bickering for crying out loud haha? Why do you enter the site and read the responses if you don t like it? Why not just ignore it . In love :) gar

Can Christians Drink A Little Wine
Not saying it was nonalcoholic. I'm saying it appears Jesus took an occasional sip of of actual wine with an alcoholic content. If it did not have alcohol in it no one would make a point to call him a wine bibber because who would care if it were merely non-alcoholic grape juice . :) Guess I'm not to good at making a point --sorry :)

Can Christians Drink A Little Wine
I seldom consume wine,however,I have heard many say that wine was merely grape juice when Jesus walked our planet. In Luke 7:34 Jesus mentions being called a" winebibber". I would assume then that winebibber could be interpreted as grape-juice-bibber (if wine = grapejuice) Would anyone accuse someone of being a grape-juice-bibber? Would anyone take offence to being called a grape-juice-bibber? This makeS me believe Jesus may have taken an occasional sip of actual wine. No offence. thanks:)

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