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What Is The Age Of Accountability
The wages of sin is death ( Romans 6:23).

The fact that children die shows that they are subject to sin just like adults. The Bible never mentions an age of accountability. Instead, it teaches that "the whole world (is) held accountable to God" (Romans 3:19), Psalms 51:5, Eph. 2:3.

Luther, Baptists, and Evangelicals

What Does 666 Mean
Wo to you oh earth and sea for the Devil sends the beast with rough because he knows that time is short let him who have understanding reckon the number of the beast for it is a human number its number is 666

Continue To Spank My Teenager
I still remember those days when I got the cane to my BARE TUSH , and yes it did help me overcome all the bad character and bad traits I was born with. I think even today as an adult I could use a good dose of discipline for my naughtiness and you know where it should be administered. PANTS DOWN & BOTTOMS HIGH UP IN THE AIR. thank you . Gary

Christians Required To Tithe
If you research the tithe you will find that the practice began before the Law was given. Therefore, when Christ remarks that "you have robbed God" it is not governed by the Law but relates to all that have faith and believe in God.

Was Lucifer The Choir Director
I really can't find anything leading to the idea that Satan / Lucifer was the "Choir Director". Even if you use some off the wall version of the Bible can you find where angels sing?

Diabetes In Children
im 52 yrs old ...i foound out the hard way i had diabetes 10 yrs ago ....i was at the point of coma or death ...since then i have found out what to do about my diabetes to treat it and live with it ..i have found out anyone can get it ...if your child has it now ..then you or your spouce need to keep watch on yourselves ...

Pray To God Or Jesus
Through the power of The Holy Spirit, pray to the Father in the name of our savior Jesus Christ

What Is A Revival
I would think that re in revival is important. A saved person can grow weary,get spiritually lazy,etc...and need a touch to the heart from theLord. He is the one that saves,grows and sustains.Psalm 138

Christian Bad Credit Loans
that depends on the situation i think ....if you are in need then i see no problem ...i want to get a bad credit loan so i can put a shop in my back yard so i can work on cars ther to make a living because where i work has slowed down so much ..and i want to run my own shop

Many Women Pastors Today
In Gods eye there is neither male nor female, he searches the heart. So, whatever is in your heart God know and whatever your mouth reveals man know. So bridle your tongue and pray that the woman evangelize as the spirit of god would have them to do so. Bless the women pastors, preachers, teachers and mothers of the gifts of god his people.

Could Jesus Have Sinned
Absolutely he could have sinned. If, Jesus could not have sinned, he would not have preached a sin free message. Therefore, keeping in tact our free will to make a choice whether to serve him or serve satan. So, for us who are here now who have sinned and continue to live in sin, Jesus method is the only way out, repent and ask for forgiveness, he is faithful to forgive us of our sins. Simply just believe, how wonderful is this hope.

Please Explain Revelations
Go to Gary's reply at [Religious Extremism A threat]

How Old Are The Bloggers Here
I am 53-young

50 Million Alien Abductions
Space is forever and may be the dwelling place of God, looking over the Heavens and earth, do i think that there is life out there some-where? God is the creator and i don't think He has stop. So yes i think their is life out there. But, abductions from earth? i don't think God would allow that.

Christians Support Extremes
What does the Bible say about Wars? In the beginning war broke out in Heaven.{John.8:44,Rev.12:7} Since the dawn of civilization, warfare has played a major role in the affairs of mankind.{Gen.4:22} The Bible testifies to this fact by prophecy.{Gen.3:15,Matt.24:6-8,Rev.6:2-4}

Prophecies In The Bible
Warfare and Nations, Since the dawn of civilization. Gen.4:22 The Bible testifies to these facts- by prophecy.Gen.3:15, Matt.24:6-8, Rev.6:2-4

What Are Jesus Commandments
The ten commandments is the principles set up by God for the protection of orderly function,the government of Christianity, the law of establishment is so that believers and non-believer can live together Once these laws brake down we lose the protection as a nation.

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