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Sin Not To Go To Church
yes it is indeed a sin to not go to church when i hired in at my place of employment i had to go to work every day to get paid why does a person claim to be a christian and the bible says to forsake not the assembling of your selves together

How Do You Get Saved
thru repenting of your sins and turning away from them and living a changed life

What Is A Backslider
a back slider is someone that says that they are a christian and are not living the way the bible teaches and anyone who voted for barrack obama for president.

Did Jesus Have Long Hair
NO jesus did not have long hair that is why the bible says doth not even nature its self teach us that if a man has long hair it is a shame unto him jesus did nothing that was a shame in the old testament scripture it says that the son of man took a sharp stone and consumed his beard and also his hair so jesus had short hair and no beard according to the holy bible.

Is Obama Muslim
YES obama is a muslim he has stated in his campaign speech that if elected he would defend his faith his muslim beleif and would pratice it so it will be the changing of religions if he is elected we need to pray that obama is not elected as presidentof the usa.

Wearing Jeans To Church
no i dont believe it is appropriate to wear jeans to church because jesus in his words said let everything be done decent and in order

Are Mormons Christians
no the bible says you must be born again you are supposed to be christ like in every way

Joel Osteen Has Largest Church
because joel will not preach the truth of gods word only the easy and smooth part he will not preach about hell in his church or allow anyone else to jesus spoke more about hell in the bible than heaven

Truely Ask God In Prayer
please pray for me that they will approve my disability real quick please

Why Didn't Jesus Write Books
You have eyes, but do not see. You just don't get it. John wrote on 7/03 the answer to your questions. Jesus is the Word! A Christian knows, that Jesus is the Word of God. Jesus contributed everything.

Why Did Jesus Wash Feet
jesus washed the disciples feet to show humbleness and he expects us to do the same jesus told peter if you dont wash my feet you will have no part with me and that is plain as day

What Is Predestination
predestination is that god has predestened us all to go to heaven but we dont have to go god gives us all that choice to choose god said choose you this day whom you will serve we have to make a chose if we want to lve in heaven or hell you do i do

Dating After My Adultery
To all those that believe I am not free to remarry. I believe you are wrong, you are a minority among Christians & you are not qualified to answer my original question. To those who try & use one scripture to prove a point shows immaturity at best. My God is a God of forgiveness, love, grace & mercy. Search the internet for this entire statement. To please God, must believers defrauded by a spouse live the remainder of their life in celibacy?

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