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Seen Any Evil Spirits Lately
Demoniac spirits are very real. If you care to believe it, the spirit realm is just as, if not, more real than this physical realm in which we live. I have seen dark images, which I know to have been demons. I have seen demons in dreams, one in particular, repeatedly so. I have cast out different kinds of demons from people. Holy water, crosses etc do not work, only in the NAME of YESHUA (Jesus) can these spirits be cast out. That is a fact...

World Ends This December
We need to be weary of secular interpretations of scripture. The mayan calender is from a godless culture, a people who worshipped false gods and performed human sacrifices, not a culture i would like to get advice from.... believe the scriptures, therein is sound advice.

Can Sound Bible Teachers Fall
The great falling away, i.e. the apostasy will claim many victims, irrespective of standing. Many preach sound doctrine but deep in their hearts, they are full of dead men's bones. History shows this to be true.

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