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Should I Leave My Church
I spent from 1986 to 1993 looking for a church to call home. It might be a good idea to list what you are looking for in a church. For me, Doctrine is the main thing I look into. Then the people, how they are during the week, not just on Sunday. To choose a church because of the type building or the wealth of the people attending and not doctrine could limit you on being spiritually fed and growing in the Lord.

Marry A Man You Don't Like
To marry anyone you don't like will most like end in divorce. What will you do when someone that has those character qualities you like comes along, and that you do like that person? My advise is to wait, save the heartache. The one you marry should also be one of you best friends. Good luck, God bless

Does God Give Doctors Wisdom
If it weren't for modern medicine, I would be dead now. 1990 I had my appendix taken out. I was lost at that time, not knowing Christ as my saviour. Now I am giving the gosple to others, married and have kids. God giveth, and God taketh, he is in control. Now all we need to do is allow God to work through us, Galatian 2:20-21.

Please Explain Hebrews 10:30-31
Let me clarify something, This is written for after the BOC is raptured out. The BOC is still here, for now anyway. This passage will take place after we are gone.

The American Church Spoiled
It is not just about church, most Americans are spoiled about. To get in a car to drive a 1/4 mile to get bread. To spend 10-15 minutes looking for a close parking space. The list is as long as the earth is round. Where else can someone get paid millions to play ball, where someone who is out saving lives gets paid $30-$45,000 a year.

Must I Stop The Adultery
THe question you should ask yourself is, where is this relationship going? Can you trust a man or woman who would cheat on their spouse? And is he playing everyone a fool, by making them think he is a dedicated christian? God knows the truth in everyone's heart. What is the different between the forbidden love and forbidden fruit that Eve eat in the garden? I think you already know the answer, find someone who would be loyal to you.

What Does Born Again Mean
To be born again, in the garden of Eden, Adam died a spiritual death. Completely separated from God. It also brought in physical death as well. When we are born, we are spiritual dead because of Adam's transgression. To be born again, is when we accept Christ and his blood sacrifice at Calvary for our sin. All our sins have been paid for, what ashame to go to the Lake of Fire for not excepting Christ.

My Church Is Like A Club
It is funny how some churches act. We are saved by grace through the blood of Christ. Freed from the law of sin and death, yet there are those would would put one back under the law. The law was given to Israel to show where they were failing. Christ took the law and nailed it to his cross. If your church attempts to put you back under what Christ freed you from, then it is time to leave and find a new place.

A Man Said That I Shine
That is a new one on me. Only way I know you can tell a true Christian, is by their actions. Never heard of anyone shining before. It could have been the way you were smiling. I have heard of that, which is nice to see, meaning someone is really happy and relaxed.

I Use Bad Words Toward Husband
I understand how you feel Niva, my wife is equally lazy. I spent all day Sunday cleaning the living room, and my wife laid around reading a book, then took the kids to the movies. I also ended up cooking dinner than night as well. I would be nice to have advise how to make my wife more of a helpmeet the bible talks about. I will pray for you, please pray for me.

I Just Want God's Will
Pretty simple, 2 timothy 2:15,(KJV) tells us to study, and to rightly divide. There are instructions for Israel, and there are instructions for gentiles (Romans through Philemon). God's will is for that all men to be saved. Christ how ever paid the sin debt we owed. completely paid for, no strings attached. Anymore questions e-mail me. Jerry

Is My Husband Leaving Me
How old are the girls? Why did he move to another country in the first place?
It is very possible that is why he moved. What country are you from, in America, You would have a right to those girls. I suggest you seek out professional help where you live. Good luck

Can Christians Skip Church
Sure, going to a church will not get you to heaven. Following the wrong doctrine won't feed you spiritually. Church is not a building, but the members, where ever the members meet, that is where the church is.

Which Kingdom Is At The End
You have to take in account, that the Messiah was here, and the prophecy would have been coming to a close. The Kingdom that was promised to Israel was just a few years away. However Israel rejected the Messiah, refused to spread the message of the kingdom, and kill the Messiah. Noe God revealed a hidden mystery.

Please Explain Hebrews 10:30-31
A good rule to follow is to ask, who is writing the passage of scripture, who is it being written to, and for what purpose was it written? This is written after the rapture of the Body of Christ. It is written to the Jewish people, and it is a warning to them. As for the BOC, we are long gone when this takes effect. At the same time, we should be living by example.

Why So Many Denominations
Starting in Genesis 3:1-5, Satan attacks a person of God by altering the word of God. Like with Eve, if you truely don't know God's word, you can be deceived.
Now the question is which bible, what doctrine and what apostle? Simple- KJV, Grace, and Paul. 2 Timothy 2:15, Study and rightly divide.

Does God Give Doctors Wisdom
As a paramedic, I have to understand that God is in control. Doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals can train and practice and learn all they can, still know God is in control. At the same time, we have procedures available today, that can allow people to live long health lives. people are surviving from heartattacks and strokes all the time now. God has made things possible.

Can We Recite Prayers
There is group prayer, as well as personal prayer time. However, prayer should always be from the heart.

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