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What Is A Cult
OMG... Do you people not know that Christianity was known as a cult or sect accoriding to the Bible (Book of Acts)? How about those groups that were so called "Christians" and then ended up in mass suicides. After that THEN they are called a "cult" and not christian.

Catholics Saints For Salvation
Do you not say when someone close to you dies "he/she is watching over me". If they watch over you, cant they also pray for you, like asking someone on earth pray for you?

Catholics Saints For Salvation
Once again back to the age old question. and no matter how many times its explained, those that dont agree will appose it and those that agree are for it. But here's wack at it: All Christians believe in eternal life right, therefore if you die a Christian you still live on. We are called to be saints right, we can all pray for each other(interceding prayer). So if we all live eternally, cant saints in heaven pray for us on our behalf? the same way you may ask me to pray for you on your behalf?

Trinity Of God
For those that dont understand the Blessed Trinity, I refer you to The Athanasian Creed. I know most here ( 99.99999...%) arent Catholic Christians, but the Athanasian Creed makes clear or at least tries to give understanding of the mystery of the Blessed Trinity. Its to long to post so you do the research :-)

Is More Discipleship Needed
the texts say that we are to make deciples of others to go out and and do the will of the father. HE tells us that there is teachers,apostles,preachers all different tittle but same blood and one church. and we are to dicipline our selves, to be ready in season and out of season. to help those in need no matter what

Is Moronism A Cult
mormanism is all cultistic. it is not what you call a very good one at that. one it goes agianst the word of GOD,saying that you should have no other god before ME! what more can you say. the mormens say that you can do what ever you want, their beliefe is so wrong in every aspect, they cant even go in to the fine big churches if you are not a high ranking member of a certain years behind them. please i encourage you to look it up and investigete it for your selves. pluss how it was founded

Scripture Against Christmas Trees
it is in jeremiah 10 that says that we are not to take up these things. read jeremiah 10 1-5

Should I Pursue This Man
GOD says that we are to put HIM first in all things and HE shall add all things unto you. And if we believe in our hearts that what we pray for we recieve we will have it. GOD put a very wonderful lady in my life that i prayed for many times. HE never fails us nor does HE leave us behind any thing. i pray with you on the things you need.

Witnesses Don't Believe Trinity
i truely believe that you can talk to a jw as a person and tell him/her that the things that GOD took you out of, let them know that you are truely a riend. you must pray fervantly before you do any thing though. so that you can get the right words.JESUS said in HIS own words to HIS deciples, i am in MY father and HE in ME, WE are one. and in john 1:1 it says that in the begining was the word, the word was with GOD,the word was GOD.pray before making a judgement might make it easier to help.

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