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Suffering In Hell
I believe this is a parable about Abrahams seed

The wicked suffer flames in the lake of fire in the future, it makes no sense that they are burning, resurrected judged, then thrown into a fire again

Also, where did the pre Abraham saints go? Abrahams bosom before it even existed?

Can I Marry My Step Cousin
Step cousin or not it isnt biblically wrong either way

Married With No License
I find it strange that this has been so easily misinterpreted but its so simple

Firstly not getting a "civil" marriage is not breaking any law, since when is it a crime to not get "civilly" married?

Secondly having a spiritual christian ceremony of marriage is not breaking any law either where does it say its a crime to do such a thing?

Thirdly show me anywhere in the bible that a marriage must be sanctioned by the government outside of a government that directly represents God (Which used to be in Israel)

Why Is Murder Bad
how is murder even defined?

does the bible differentiate between kill, and murder?

Does it always imply hatred, or just an unlawful killing that isn't sanctioned by God?

Is suicide really even murder? (i can't find that in the bible)

Who Is Mystery Babylon

Why should the fourth be any different?

because daniel says so!


it still seems that you are saying that the beast and the harlot are the same thing which doesn't make sense, aren't they 2 different things?

Is China A King Of The East
Read joel chapter 2

it is speaking of the day of the lord, just after the 6th vial

Before it consumed hath fire, And after it burn doth a flame, As the garden of Eden is the land before it, And after it a wilderness -- a desolation! And also an escape there hath not been to it,

before and after seems similar to what happens with the army that kills 1/3

the power in their heads AND tails

..If by the missile they fall, they are not cut off..

sounds supernatural doesn't it?

too much to type on here so read joel 2, and the 6th trumpet,vial

Who Is Mystery Babylon

Rome hasn't dominated the whole earth yet but i think it might happen in the future

I believe the western world is basically descended from rome and it hasn't come far off to dominating the world

Rome "appears" to be mortally wounded, but maybe it really isn't yet

Who could the 4th beast be anyway?

Who Is Mystery Babylon

Thats why i said the harlot could be a figurative city, because it existed long before Rome ever did, the baal, queen of heaven didn't just go to rome but everywhere, hindus, and other religions

Plus i don't see how rome can be both the 7th head AND the harlot at the same time it doesn't make sense

Papal rome hasn't been around for only a "short space" so i can't see how it can be the 7th head

World Ends This December
It ain't the end of the earth, but according to the mayans it's the end of an age, and the beginning of a new age, which may be the age of the beast

Speculation of course, but u never know it could be a part of the deception that God allows

Who Is Mystery Babylon

I'm not sure if apostate jerusalem is the harlot just a possible theory that i have

Another one is that the harlot is some kind of figurative city that covers the whole globe

But i don't think it's papal rome

the 7th head of the beast is clearly a separate entity to the harlot who sits on it, how can they both be the same thing?

Who Is Mystery Babylon
As for treading down the whole earth, i should point out that the people who have virtually taken over the world recently both militarily, economically, and culturally has been western nations descended from western europe

Great britain (the sun never set on it's empire), spain, portugal, france, and recently the US

Just look at how much land mass they have covered, and the influence they have and it's not even the time of the beast empire yet!

Personally i think the 7th head was the nazi regime with it's massive persecution of the jews, followed by the state of israel being formed

Is China A King Of The East

"Such a Muslim army would march upon Israel to do battle with the Jews in a final battle".

I can't imagine an army marching along a river apart from a supernatural one

Imagine what an easy target they would be!

Beginning Of Son Of God
I guess i should rephrase the question a bit

Does beginning mean from creation, or an eternal beginning?

Does the beginning AND the "end"
refer to the son as well as the father?

If the son is the "end" (which could only be eternal), then that would surely mean that he is ahead of time, knowing everything that happens in the future

Otherwise the beginning i think, would have to refer to creation

Who Is Mystery Babylon
Another thing

the harlot is said to sit on seven mountains

I believe these are egypt,assyria,babylon,persia,greece and rome plus a future kingdom

Israel/jerusalem has been under the control of these empires in the past (the beast carries her), and the church of rome has only existed since after the fall of ancient rome

Where Do Infants Go
This is a difficult subject, which brings up a few questions

It is often said that those who are not born of water (natural birth), cannot enter heaven

So does that mean unborn children cannot go to heaven?

If so where do they go? hell, or do they cease to exist?

Do they even have the breath of life at conception?

When did Adam receive the breath of life, before or after his body was formed?

As for me it's all a mystery

Who Is Mystery Babylon
The problem i see with the church of rome being the harlot is that it was never a faithful true church in the first place, jerusalem on the other hand has been and become a harlot

there are numerous passages about this

I currently see the vatican as the false prophet, 2 horns = church and state, 2nd beast = future pope

Vatican = city of prophecy

Is China A King Of The East
Is China One of the Kings of the East?

Absolutely not.

the kings of the east actually refer to Jesus and his angels.

i agree with you here
the whole idea of an army that size travelling along a river is absurd and would be totally ineffective anyway against todays technology

Also it is clear that the bowl judgments are directly by God himself, not indirect events for others to execute

When You Receive A Soul
"which means what? these sayings are not real?"

Yes thats correct

is there a real place called abrahams bosom?


if so then what was it called before abraham?

When did abrahams bosom exist?
from the beginning of creation?

Was lazarus literally taken inside Abrhams chest?'


what happens after someone dies?

punishment or judgment?

"it is appointed unto men once to die", but we must also take into consideration what happens next: "but after this the judgment."

when is the judgment?

after the resurrection!

Abrahams bosom = Abrahams seed

When You Receive A Soul
I never disagreed with you about eternal punishment

the resurrection is necessary for both punishment and reward

Consider what the Apostle Paul had to say concerning the necessity of the resurrection:

But if there be no resurrection of the dead, then is Christ not risen: And if Christ be not risen, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain. Yea, and we are found false witnesses of God, because we have testified of God that he raised up Christ: whom he raised not up, if so be that the dead rise not. For if the dead rise not, then is not Christ raised: And if Christ be not raised, your faith is vain, ye are yet in your sins. Then they also which are fallen asleep in Christ are perished.

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