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Are Instruments In Church Evil
In my Messianic synagogue, most of our songs come directly from the scriptures - both old and new. We use instruments of all sorts as well as dance unto the L-rd. G-d always sent out the worshipers before he sent the army. Check out the Tabenacle of David and we read again in Amos where it tells us that G-d will again raise up the Tabernacle of David worship and that is being done today. The Psalms tell us to prised Him with all sorts of instruments and with dancing. Get a cd by Marty Goetz, or Paul Wilbur or Steve McConnel or Jonathan Settel and you will see the beautiful scriptural music that comes forth.

Should Jews Become Christians
The ONLY way to the Father is through the Son - Yeshua Ha Mashiach - Yeshua means "salvation". whether Jew or Gentile, the only way of salvation is through Yeshua, because he became the ultimate sacrifice for our sins - Jew and Gentile alike. He paid the ultimate price for His Bride. A Jew that accepts Yeshua as Messiah is still a Jew and does not need to give up the Sabbath and the Feasts and living a Kosher Diet lifestyle or keeping Torah. All of us should stay from paganism and the holidays that are steeped in it - Christmas, Halloween, Easter - instead, Celebrate the Holy days that the G-d of Abraham, Issac and Jacob gave to us - they are so much more a blessing.

April Fools Is To Mock
Donna, there are 7 feasts - not three. Pesach (Passover), Unlevened Bread, First Fruits, Shavout (Pentecost)Yom Teruah (Trumpets) Yom Kippur (Atonement) and Sukkot (Tabernacles)

Hurricane Ike Over ChristiaNet
I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and everything went east of us. We received some really nice rain - nothing at all like we had been told to expect - the winds were not bad either. Today, it is beautiful and only going to be about 80 degrees for a high. However, there are many people all over the country that have been effected by this storm, although, the worst was Galveston and Houston areas. Thank you for your prayers and keep praying.

Last Supper A Passover Meal
Yes, it was a Passover Meal. Read Luke 22 and it is very clear that it was the Passover Meal. Yeshua him, was put on the cross the next morning and became our Passover sacrifice as he suffered and died and precisely the same time of the day when the passover lamb was to be killed. He was then buried before sundown because it was time for the Feast of Unlevened bread which is a High Sabbath.

Should Jews Become Christians
A Jew that accepts Jesus as the Messiah is still a Jew. The Bible was written by Jews and in Jewish context. The feasts, including the Sabbath, are all part of Jewish life and there is no need to give up on these wonderful things that G-d has given, not only to the Jews, but to everyone that loves the L-rd. If we give up on these wonderful blessings that G-d has provided, we give up on many wonderful blessings of live. I would love to see every Believer in Jesus celebrate these wonderful feasts as Yeshua (Jesuse) is at the center of each and everyone of them. There are some things from Judaism that are not good for anyone, even the Jews. The first believers were Jews and worshiped in a Jewish style.

Want To Be A Messianic Jew
And the Law Yeshua came to fulfill was the law of sacrifice for sins. He shed his blood on the cross - gave his life - so that we no longer had to give blood sacrifices of anamils for atonement of our sins.

Kathr4453 -
"Messianic Jews think by converting Gentiles to Messianic Jews, they are fulfilling the verse..*salvation is of the Jews*" - - Where ever in the world did you get this from. I have been a Messianic Jew for many years and NEVER heard this. You seem so bitter against Messianic Jews in your writings. Why?

Grandmother Afraid Of Baptism
In the Old Testament, sins were forgiven by the shedding of blood of animals as instructions was given by G-d. Yeshua (Jesus) fulfilled that law of sacrifice when shed his blood on the cross for us - once and for all. His death negated the need for further blood shed. The life is in the blood and it is the blood that saves us from our sins - Salvation has nothing to do with baptism - baptism is an outward showing that we have received Jesus as our L-rd and Savior. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life . . . ", he did not say that "baptism is the way, the truth and the life . . ." If your grandmother has accepted Jesus as L-rd and Savior, that is what she needs for salvation - not baptism.

Want To Be A Messianic Jew
tom2, you have it ALL wrong. A Messianic Jew belives the Bible from Genesis through Revelation and loves Yeshua (Jesus) and accepts them as his personal L-rd and Saviour. We beleive that salvation is through the blood of Jesus who IS the one and only Messiah. We believe that we are saved by grace through faith which is a wonderful gift from G-d.

Yes, we do worship on the Sabbath and a majority of us keep the Kosher food laws and we do celebrate the Biblical Feasts and some gentiles continue to celebrate Christmas and Easter. Gentiles are always welcome to come and be a part of a Messianic Congregation. There are no "rules" - and you don't have to keep Kosher to be a part of this community.

Want To Be A Messianic Jew
There is nothing wrong with being a Messianic Jew. I think that any Believer would be blessed if they would celebrate all the wonderful feasts that given to us in the Bible. These are not only for Jews, but for all Believers and Yeshua is in the center of each and every one of them. Are there any Messianic Congregations close to where you are? Each congregation is a little different. Have you visited any Messianic congregations? What caused you to come to this decision?

I love the Torah studies, the Messianic Jewish music, the cantoring of the Torah and the wonderful liturgy that comes straight from the Word of G-d. I love the fellowship that we have in our congregation.

Sow A Seed Ministries
When you give - unselfishly - expecting NOTHING in return is when you receive the most wonderful blessings. The blessing come in many different ways and can be as precious as someone telling you that your life or something you have done has been a great blessing to them. Just remember, there is no way we can outgive G-d! Other times, the blessings come in bigger ways - and may even include monetary blessings - but, we can't give expecting to receive in return. And, it is better to give than receive.

Lord's Last Supper On Earth
The signfinicance of the "last supper" was that Yeshua was celebrating Passover as he had all his life. Preparation day was until sundown & Passover began at sundown (as all days on the Jewish calendar) Yeshua and dicisples went to the garden after the meal, Yeshua prayed - disciples slept - Judas came- betrayed Yeshua, he was taken to court, put on the cross at 9 a.m. and pierced at 3 p.m. - had to be buried before sundown because it was about to be Feast of Unlevened Bread and High Sabbath. He arose three days later on the Feast of First Fruits. Yeshua became our Passover Lamb - he gave himself as a sacrifice on Passover for the sins of the world. On this day, he fulfilled the law of animal sacrifice for atonement for sin.

Christians Supporting Israel
There are many Believers in Messiah in the State of Israel. There are Messinaic congregations that are springing up throughout the land. Pray for these congregations as they seek to bring the gospel of Messiah to the Jewish people. We should support Israel - and especially in prayer. There are many many Jews that are making Aliyah from all over the world - especially Germany, Russia anda the United States and this is a fulfillment of prophecy. It is not easy to live in this land as jobs are difficult to find. At this time, if you are known to be a Messianic Jew, the Israeli government will not allow you to make Aliyah.

Do You Go To Church Of Christ
Amos 9:11
In that day will I raise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen, and close up the breaches thereof, and I will raise up his ruins, and I will build it as in the days of old: And, in the Tabernacle of David there were all kinds of instruments and dancing and this went on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, why COC do not believe in instruments in the church is beyond me. Air conditioning was not mentioned in the NT either.

Church Practices Paganism
Easter is tied to the pagan goddess of Ishtar - the goddess of fertility. If you celebrate the easter bunny, easter eggs, santa claus and such, you are celebrating paganism. Yeshua was most likely born at Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles as he came to "Tabernacle among us" which is in September or October each year. Pesach or Passover does not alway coincide with "easter". There are also 3 festivals during the Passover season.

Obama The Next President
AGAON! - You err in not knowing Jewish history. Yeshua (Jesus)kept the Sabbath. If we are to be like HIM, why would we not want to keep the Sabbath. Also, The Jews would gather at the end of the Sabbath and break bread together and have a Havdallah service saying goodbye to the Sabbath. This would have begun at sundown when the Sabbath was over. This was a Jewish tradition and happened long before Jesus came to this earth. This was not a practice that began only after Messiah rose from the grave.

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