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How To Hear From God
as a christian you hear God through prayers and reading the word of God.after prayer be still and listen attentively to your heart and God will speak gently to you,you will get to know through the joy,inner peace and assuarance of hope.never despair God is always with you and hears you.

God Picked Your Mate
well, as we all knowwe really didn't know who is the one for us..
only god knows.
me, i'm still waiting for the right man for me to come along..
i know it's worth the wait for the man whom i'll spend my whole life with!!!
stay happy guys.,)

Hinduism vs Christianity
i was born in a Hindu family and been a hindu myself for almost 20 years, but now i live for CHRIST alone.

You know why it is too hard for hindus to accept or even understand CHRIST because HE IS TOO GOOD to BELIEVE. when i first had a little taste of JESUS... man! i was shocked ..... and was not able to believe that GOD CAN be sooooo........ GOOD.

hinduism says that if u do wrong u will be punished.

on the contrary Jesus says " My people do not worry i was punished for ur sin. i love you and want you to live your life to ur fullest."

Now that's a real LOVE speaking......

Emotional Wreck After Affair
Mike, you are wise to ask for help. The same thing happened to me and unfortunately, as I have discovered, emotional affairs happen all the time. They are just as damaging to a marriage as physical affairs. But because there is no sex, it's easy to rationalize and say "we're just friends" or "you're over-reacting". Don't believe these lies.

I have sought help from many resources but have found Marriage Builders to be the most helpful. There is a lot of information there that can help. God bless you.

Online Emotional Affair
I am encouraged to hear that you not only want to be honest with your husband, but you are willing to seek counseling and deal with the issues that led to the wayward behavior. These are positive signs that show you love your husband and you are willing to do what it takes to compensate for your wrong choices and build a strong marriage. You must understand, however, that your husband may be greatly hurt. He may want to know details that will hurt him even more but must be revealed so there are no lingering unanswered questions. And he will need time to heal. Both of you will will also need support from a close friend or pastor. To encourage you and keep you accountable to one another. May God Bless You!

Why The Use of G_D
If you are a christian (converted from the Jewish religion) then you SHOULD use
GOD and DON'T omit the "O".
YOu offend me as aChristian when you do this and I believe it is HIGHLY disresptful and blasphemous!!!

Jesus Only Way To Heaven
john 14:6:JESUS TOLD HIM,"I AM THE WAY ,THE TRUTH ,AND THE LIFE.NO ONE CAN COME TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME" Jesus didn't say He's a way.truth,and life but THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. He's your only path to God (to heaven).instead of thinking how limited that is,think how wonderful is that God has made it possible for you to be saved! all you have to do is accept it.then eternal life is yours!!

Why Can't We Judge Others
I think we mostly don't uderstand others "situations" therefore we judge ,even if we have experienced the same.I still find it easy to judge even by a slight sneer in attitude/facial expression. I have came along way.I try to remember when Christ said ,forgive them ,they know not what they do. The world is in such a shape because of our attitude and greed, which is another result of wrong interpretation of what "LIFE" and loving our fellowman is all about.As in lovers of ourselves etc.

Disapproving Of Tongue Speaking
A few persons of this belief have "came out" I know of one personally, who was there for several years, he did all their beliefs, I knew him then as well. Now they practically wish him total failure in life,was "prophesied" he would die etc.this man has since truly searched scripture well.Yes some treat you as a 2nd rate person.isn't is so childish for a true christian to act this way in "Gods Love"they just don't understand.

Marriage Is A Fairy Tale
First 30 isn't old. You have plenty of time yet to find a mate. I understand you are lonely and want someone to hold on too. Be happy and confident in yourself and you will have a better chance. Desperation is a turn off. Also, you might look at what your criteria is, maybe you need to adjust it. As for God, you want your time to be his time and I've learned from experience they are rarely the same.

Will My Wife Ever Come Back
dont worry everything happen for a purpose, she was not meant to be yours. God will give you he is always in control of everything. Eccessaitic 3 vs 1-2

Husband Is Mean To My Kid
keep on praying God will talk to your husband to love the boy with God their is nothing impossibe.

Can A Priest Forgive My Sins
A priest does not forgive your sins on his own. He forgives in the name of Jesus Christ. Does he have that authoriy? Jesus gave his disciples the authority himself. In John 20:21-23. Priests are disciples of Christ.

Forgive But Not Forget
I think WE should forgive and FORGET - when I say that, I think that we should CHOSE to forget, just as Christ FORGIVES and FORGETS our debts.
We are to be more like Christ in every way.
I have been hurt many many times over and have forgiven that person - somehow,in the forgiveness, I have forgotten what they have done.
I think the two go hand in hand.

Who is Myles Munroe?
yes-because he is teaching that the earth is were Jesus will becoming back to reign as king over the earth.

Who is Kenneth Copeland?
Lupe, you claim you didn't understand a thing I said but neither did you look up those Scriptures and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you. You simply held to what you already believed as though you yourself have all truth. Nor did you explain why those Scriptures say what they do. You didn't address a single one of them. That's okay brother. It really is.

Can I Marry My Step Cousin
I don't think there is any thing wrong in marrying your step cousin in so far you are not blood relations. It also depend on your tradition

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