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Do Catholics Sprinkle
Seriously, what's the point of this? If you are only half immersed the baptism is no good? Who decides that? Does that mean you are only half cleansed of your sins?

Hey! maybe that's why we need purgatory cause we weren't totally immersed? Well, it's a theory.

That's just silly - but I bet you take it seriously.

Where Was The Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit does not stop you from sinning. You still have the right to chose whether you are going to do something or not. If the Holy Spirit stopped us from ourselves there would be a lot less sinning in the word. But it wouldn't be a willing offering to God, it would be forced.

Different Religions Dating
It doesn't have to be a problem, if you are willing to respect each others beliefs.

Bush Adds 20,000 More Troops
My son just came back from Iraq. He said that the plan made sense. My question - why didn't we do it right the first time?

Where Is Peter The Apostle
I think Peter stuck closer to home. Paul went to visit Peter at one point in his mission work. However obviously, he ended up in Rome. He was crucifed, although he was hung upside down on the cross.

Is Global Warming Bad
I saw a news show where they said global warming would bring about the next ice age. Apparently the melting of the ice on the poles would disrupt the currents in the ocean which would disrupt weather patterns and thus bring about the next ice age. It was interesting, but not something we need to worry about in the very near future.

I Am Extremely Moody
If you think you are bi-polar or even just have depression, check with a doctor. God gives us the tools to help ourselves - one is seeking a doctors advice when needed. Find fellowship with strong Christians that are not judgmental and that will help too.

Facts On St Patricks Day
St Patrick was originally from England. He was captured and made a slave in Ireland tending to sheep. He was always Catholic. He escaped Ireland but later came back as a missionary. Driving snakes out of Ireland is a myth. He did use the 3 leaf clover to explain the trinity. Leprechauns are part of ancient Irish history and have nothing to do with St Patrick.

Alcoholic Invited To Christmas
You should allow him to come if he's sober, but you should also not have alcohol present at the gathering.

Sharing Christmas with family when you are sober might be something to help him realize he needs to stay sober. Little seeds can grow into healthy plants.

Boyfriend Is Cheating On Me
Ask him? Trust is important in a relationship. If you don't have that your relationship is doomed for failure.

Thanksgiving In USA
I thank God that my son has made it back to the states from Baghdad. I am thankful that I have a relationship with Christ that keeps growing. And that I can find new ways to serve God. I am thankful that even if I'm not sure what to do about my daughter that God protects her.

One Night With The King Movie
There is a movie I saw recently called Dinner with a Perfect Stranger. It was pretty good.

Evolution And Creationism Opposite
Wow, interesting. I didn't even know creationism was a religion.

I think God knows everything before we were even a lump of dirt or a sparkle in our parents eyes. So he could of made apes first and decided hey I like this better than the giraffe but it sure isn't very cute. I think I will make man to look more like me but incorporate some of these things into it. What will make him truely beautiful is a soul, so I will give him one.


Can Religion Save Me
Religion can't save you. Faith saves you. The difference is that all religion is man made - but faith is a personal relationship between you and God. Only through Jesus do you get salvation.

How Long Can I Wait On Him
Ask him what he thinks about marriage. If you can't be open and discuss it then it's not meant to be.

Volunteer Work With Others
You can find non-political things to volunteer in. I volunteer a lot at my church and also volunteer at my daughter's school and the local public library. And occassionally other community events.

Living With Wife A Sin
Susie, it's not true that having your marriage annulled in the Catholic Church will make your children illegitimate. There is a difference between a legal annulment through the court and a church annulment. The church annulment doesn't say the marriage never existed - it says it wasn't a spiritual union.

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