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Pain Relief For Granny
Thanks for the input, I don't want drugs. I'm looking for a natural pain relief. Any suggestions?

Did Adam Really Sin
I thought sin and transgressed are the same thing. Adam did wrong by chosing to do as Eve did. When God called n said "Where r u Adam" what He meant was where Adam's faith lied and what Adam has chosen to do. 2b obedient or not.

What Happens At Death
when one dies, the body perishes back to dust and the breath God gave goes back to Him. we dont go to heaven at all like some wrongly preach. we go 2 heaven if we make it when Jesus returns.

What Is A Foot Washing Baptist
Foot washing is an act of humility and Jesus demonstrated it in mathew. It was started by Chritst as He saw how His disciples were vying 4 the high position He said, Humble yourselves beforfe all men. It is done after the communion. If you have done someone wrong, you may ask if u could wash their feet to show humility and be forgiven. It is a beautiful way of showing humility with one another.

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