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Spanking Teenage Boys
My brothers and I got paddled bare thru high school and we just accepted it even though it really hurt--Times have changed---waht was normal and accepted is now different---While I reaely spanked my sons it was not like as I grew up Actually I had a good realtionship with my dad so while I do not spank --it did not do any damage to me just sore bqare gbutts once in a while Others??

Do Christians Have To Vote
It is not mandatory for a christian to vote----I ahve always voted because I think it's a great right-- few people have backed so many losers as i have backed so if you run for office make sure i do not support you and you will win

Did Adam Sin First
although adam was the first person GOD created.ihave found that GOD comanded adamin chapter2verses16,17 andtold him what fruit he could eatthen. but itwas so different eve was decieved by satin and ate ofthe treethe fruitthat GOD said not to eat

Divorce For Beatings
A man is supposted to love is wife .,like crist loved the church this is not love you a bully i would get out before he kills you severley harms your childern it will spill over to the next generation
your boys will beat up your girl friends and wifes if you don't go to joyce meyer ministerys she is a lady preacher she was abuised when se was real young her organation my be able to help you

Husband Is Controlling
what he is dealing with may be a brain issue when i put on a lot of weight like 20 pound's over weight it maid me grouchey irribatable and difficult to be around carring unessary fat. release's hormones that regarate mood and careats emotional dasiter look at doctor danuel amens chance your brain chance your life and excerise I use the p90 X program I am not trying to be mean BUT the bigger some ones body mass is the smaller the brain is. a proven science the program is about $ 265.00 + SH please look it it it may help .I believe this will help your relation ship give you a better marrage and chance his out look on his life and how he feels about him self remember thoughts lie this is science

Donald Trump And Christians
he is a member of
Reformed Protestant Dutch Church
they belive in the
Father the Son and the Holly Sprit

Scriptures Of Jesus Laughing
Psalms 2:1-5 Tells us about The Lord Laughing and Psalms 37:12 & 13,Psalms 59:8 Proverbs 1:25-26 Certainly the Word of God describes God laughing. Isn't it sobering to note that these scriptures describe God's laughter seems to be when His justice is being done.Just a thought on Jan's point about happiness being the same as joy. Scripture describes joy as one of the fruits of the Spirit. Isn't this possible, no matter the external circumstances? Whereas happiness seems to be contingent upon circumstances.The Bible describes the coming messiah as a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.Surely He laughed because.He created laughter,(eccl 3,4) He however was sent here by the Father to redeem mankind and very focused on His mission.

Doctrine Of The Trinity
Try the description of Godhead .colossians chapter one. How about Genesis 1:1 right off the starting block our God Elohim describes Himself as the tri-une God. Elohim in the hebrew is a singular plurality,meaning more than one. When Jesus said in the gospel of John that the Father is greater than I he gave us a hint of the divine nature of Elohim. Jesus also said He would go away and He would send the Comforter. God the Holy Spirit.Who is also mentioned in Genesis 1:2 & Rev 22:17 Jesus is God the Son from eternity He became Jesus the Christ (messiah) sent by the Father also known as the Son of man. at the incarnation.

Why Am I So Lonely
Wow----Christian by name but not by action. Don't let any of these so called followers of Christ convince you that it's you/your not right in your walk. Do more than pray. Put action to your words. And no sometimes Jesus ain't enuff--the flesh wants another human's touch. Embrace your feelings and move out into action. Gods plan is not lonliness for you--God is just. Lonliness is not. Good luck.

Youth Pastor Dating A 15 Year Old
answerto the bloga youth pastor is dating a fifteenyear old firstly it iswrongin that a youth pastor is called ofthe lord tobe the person god wants him to be and so much damage has beendone to that 15 year old and her family her life is ruined shewill never be the same again it may even cause herto never go to anothe church ortrust god ever again to the pastor iwarn you god willreqire an answer fom you leave thethe youth work and call off you r relationship with 6his young girl

Propose To My Boyfriend
even though this has taken place before marriage it woulbe good if you are both willing and able to seek out a christian whom you both know andcantrust to be a confident and even a a good christian group who arewilling to pray with andshare encourangement with you both

Christ's Linen Napkin
I commend you all for relying on the word, digging and trying to validate for yourselves! At this time of year with the napkin message reviving and with so much uncertainty in this life prior to the second coming I find it very refreshing to know that so many use their prayers, hearts and minds to strive and understand the word. Having grown up in the lethargic and compromising church of the 60's & 70's this lively discussion is fantastic!

How Can You Go To Hell
What about the book of Hebrews? The chapter of the Hall of Faith, Samson made it in that chapter and he knowingly gave his life and he asked God for the strength to do it.

Anorexia Treatment Daughter
iwill assist you in this situation. it is a sad situation iam not a medical person i am nothappy with the way fashion magazines and fashion companies must take reponsability for young girls suffering from the condition mentioned. i would like to encourange you to seek out true christian people to talk to and be asupport group youcan trust and share your feelings and pray with you and abouve donot let yourself get caught up in the guilt trap and as much as is possible support your daughter and let you know that you love her.

Works Needed For Salvation
We must do the "works of God" by simply trusting that what Jesus did is completely sufficient so that every human being can have salvation available to them. If we set a foundation of our own by performing 'deeds' of our own (self effort), then repentance IN CHRIST becomes impossible (Hebrews chapter 6). The Lord's judgement of this "apostasy" will be JUST and will not be overlooked.

Do the "works of God" (John 6:28 and 29).

Works Needed For Salvation
No matter how undeserving we feel about what Jesus did for us, we must trust/believe that...

1) it was a gift (real "gifts" do not have to be repaid).
2) since it was done by God, we couldn't do anything to match that deed anyway.
3) what He did is completely sufficient for the salvation of everyone on earth (Luke 3:6).

Having a peaceful spirit is the "guarantee" of our inheritance (2 Corinthians 1:22, 5:5, Ephesians 1:14).

Is Word Of Faith Doctrine False
Summed up, "Name it and Claim it" is 'USING God to get what you want' as though He is a magic wand or Alladin's lamp. God can and will provide very graciously whatever we want (because we're not content with what He has already given, we are ingrates), but we also have the choice to be content with what He decides we NEED (His grace is sufficient for me).

It is THEN that we do the works of God and rest in Him (John 6:28).

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