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Was The Virgin Mary Sinless
Most of the forums have been quiet. Did I miss the rapture or something?

Bible Study Questions Anyone
That is a perfect suggestion. The first hint when you sign up for replies to these questions is Biblical or Christ-like replies. In the New Testament times they used to sit around and converse and find out if what they were saying was in the bible. The bible tells you that.

Must We Forgive For Our Salvation
In the Lord's prayer, you are asking the Lord to forgive you your sins as you forgive those who sin against you, but grace is not the same as forgiveness. The forgiving you give results in your forgiveness, 'God is within you.' Grace has no before or after, but is something in addition to the forgiveness, it is the joy.

Greetings From The Old Blog
These 'Blogs' are the best thing I've found to make you think and to exercise your mind. It is written, 'Seek God while he can be found,' 'study to show thyself approved,' and 'there is a time for everything.' Everybody is wanting quick answers, but the solutions come from within.

Brother Just Proposed - Is It God
God puts things or people in our life when we need them. You do not have to ask for Him to know what you need. This brother may be the first to ask, but it is up to you to answer.

Churches Take Gambling Money
Do you consider horse racing or card games the same as crucifying the Lord? What happened to Judas Iscariot after accepting the money given to him? He hung himself.

Christians Don't Keep The Law
There are two things here, the law and faith. Paul taught in the church in Galatia that 'no man is justified by the law in the sight of God.' Paul called the law a curse. 'And the law is not of faith: but, the man that doeth them shall live in them.' We were redeemed by Christ from the curse of the law, not from the law itself.

Who Is Going To Hell
With God there is neither Jew nor Greek nor barbarian nor scythian nor slave nor freedman. Yes, we are all one. The body cannot be divided against itself.

I Want A Relationship With Him
That is the way life happpens. It happens that way for a purpose. You didn't want to get hurt again, but now you are hurting yourself because you are scared to go on. Go on.

Does God Need A Name
The Hebrew language does not have exact nouns. The phrase 'I Am' is 'ego eimi ho on' which means 'I am he who exists.' The closest relative to the phrase is 'to breathe.' Go to Exodus 6:2-3 and that explains the name El Shadday and Jehovah.

Why Don't Christians Study Bible
It is written, 'You study the scriptures because you think in them is eternal life, but they only testify of Jesus Christ.' That could be one reason. Another reason could be the harvest has not come yet therefore the workmen are not ready. Another reason could be nobody is praying that more workmen are sent into the field. But the worst case scenario is that God is holding them back because Satan has to be loosed for a time.

Family To Cope With Suicide
My family has gone through the same thing. First, the mother died of environmental causes. Second, my brothers(2) committed suicide. How do we cope? Keep busy.

Heaven, Hell Or Take A Nap
Man was created to live forever in Eden. Man sinned and his access to the tree of life was taken away and he was told when he died he would return to dust. Throughout the eons of time, prophets were sent and there were some people who followed what they said and became spiritual, but they still had dust bodies. When they died their body turned back to dust and their spirit went back to the one who created it. So it is with anyone who dies.

Explain The Lords Prayer To Me
It is true that God does not tempt any body nor is He tempted by evil, but being led into temptation is a different story. Take Job for instance, Satan was allowed to tempt Job to prove Job's loyalty. I could go further, but that is enough.

It Affects All My Relationships
The problem is something that happened long ago with somebody very close to you that you admired a lot, they were down on you and it stuck with you. Try to remember who that was, maybe your father or mother, brother or sister and take the charge out of their words.

Anger Toward A Two Year Old
I'm sure that you have heard of the 'terrible twos.' The body is adjusting to the hormone levels. It will happen again at 13. I have been told that God will not help those that do not help themselves. What I would suggest is a calming formula for your child and hormones for you.

Take The Spiritual Gifts Test
Yes maam, there are many gifts and many members of the body to give gifts to. But remember, the gifts will pass. Three things remain: faith, hope, and charity. 'Follow after charity and desire spiritual things, but rather that ye may prophesy.' I Cor 14:1 When you prophesy, you edify because you know what comes next.

Discern Holy Spirit In People
'Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good.' Some people are babes in Christ, they require milk and not solid food. How can you better study the word might be the better question. Those who discern seek knowledge and wisdom and they are rewarded.

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