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Explain Different Marital Status
Ellen . . . involved probably means not officially married yet and separated means still married but not living together, but it is better to ask the people who say those things.

Fill The Blanks For Mother's Day
Dear Mom,
Thank you for everything that you do.
Your loving son,

What Is Presumption And Salvation
When somebody assumes that they are born again and they have all outward signs of being so and their heart is aligned with the purpose of God and they act, God's Divine Mercy is activated and the hard hearts are softened.

Ever Analyzed The Blog Responses
I could follow the road that I was standing guard at. When I opened the door, the people standing around were the people I expected; wise thoughtful people. I'm hooked on these blogs. You are creating a mind.

What's Your Salvation Testimony
June 24, 1978 I was in a one-car accident. I lost control of the car and the car started rolling and it rolled over me. Closed-head injury, broken arm, bruised lung, in a coma for 6 months, got pneumonia; got out of the hospital in 7 months, finished high school, have gone to 4 colleges, finish tomorrow I hope. Have been an EMT, graduated from a police academy, now work at a hospital. Thank the Lord for saving me.

Tell My Old Mom To Be Positive
Your Mother is your Mother, there is no other. She put her mind into you. Do not stop her from saying things, but do not go along with it; don't play games. Keep her busy and active. It is normal for her to forget things at her age. Bring the pleasant things to her mind. What she says is what has been said to her. Her short-term memory is what she is talking about.

Did I Meet An Angel Last Year
It takes a very still mind to receive the promptings of the spirit. An angel,maybe. Jesus Christ was not recognized at the tomb until he spoke Mary's name. Believe her. Your grandma is safe and you are also.

Not Trusting God For Mate
Rebekah was not known to anybody but Laban and Bethuel, her brothers; go back to Gen.24:27 and you will see that Rebekah was related to Isaac (Gen24:4,38). Of course, that was genesis, the beginning, and there was not anybody that was not related if you believe they all came from adam and eve. It is a totally different problem searching on the net for your own mate. I agree there is little trust, but it also comes from not waiting long enough.

Should I Forgive My Husband
That is what you should do!

Do Men Answer Their Emails
Pat, something I found out by reading their rules, there does not have to be any reason for the Christianet computer to remove a name, mine has been done that way causing me to lose access to any e-mail.

What Is The Unworthy Manner
If you compare verses, there is one that tells what that means. Something like, 'If you have anything against you brother go back and make things right and then come back and offer yourself.'

Other People Than Adam And Eve
Excuse me, Ann. The name is Lilith not Judith. The bible does have an account of Lilith in Isaiah, and yes, she was a Canaanite demon.

Angels Are Holy And We Are Sin
Adam had a choice, Eve had a choice; they chose wrong. They were expelled from the garden and had children. Cain had a choice, Abel did not. All of the choices that Lucifer had were not wrong choices, i.e. you can choose to be better than your father, but it is in how you accomplish that that determines your success. Let each one look to see how he builds his house.

Was Lucifer Allowed To Be Satan
Well, Pier if you want to believe that Lucifer, the 'light bringer,' has no purpose, you might want to take a different approach to your study. The one you call Satan feeds on anger and confusion. Without anger there would be no change. And yes sir, that is my final answer. After battaling this thing called Satan, the light is brought. You have a choice in what you decide to do with the light he leaves.

Happy Birthday Alan Of UK
Alan of UK,
It is you day,
until the sun comes up tomorrow,
and you start your journey again.
May your way be paved with good things,
and your steps kept on the path.
Happy birthday,
Alan of UK.

Was Lucifer Allowed To Be Satan
A very good question. Lucifer, the 'light bearer,'was cast to earth with a third of the angels because, we are told in one account, he tried to rise above God. Another account said he was the chief of the 'Sons of God' in Gen. 6 and drew them to the earth by lust. There is other accounts but Lucifer, satan, is not as we picture; not an all out enemy, but an enemy like a hurricane, a needed enemy.

Why Are Pastors Having Affairs
I understand the effect of 'improprieties' would have on a congregation and the populace as a whole. Child molestation is something that gained public recognition through the Catholic church and spread throughout the population. When things are allowed in a church, the kingdom is effected.

How Did You Come To Know Christ
It is ideal for children to have christian parents for that is where training should come. But nowadays there is separation, divorce, cruelty and the like that would drive a mind outward toward the help they need. The Christ said work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. With me it was a cxombination of my grandfather, who was a presbyterian preacher, and circumstance.

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