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Interesting 666 Theories
I have an opinion, I once heard that the end of the world was not a time but a season. I also heard that 666 means great imperfection. GOD is perfect. An imperfect god could be Money. Maybe it's that time of the season?

Explain The Trinity To Me
We have a enternal Spirit like GOD is, We have a physical body as Jesus who is GOD, and we can communicate, as does GOD through the Holy Spirit. Jesus told his disciples he was leaving them and he was sending another comforter so they would not be Comfortless.
With out jesus GOD would not be able to come and live on earth and die for us in a human body.

GOD the father hates sin and turned his face from Jesus while he was on the cross because he took our sins, Sorry this is so long.

Explain The Trinity To Me
Jesus and the father are one as GOD. John 17:1-5, verse 24 John 5:19-21 only GOD can give life and create. Created beings can not do creation. Angels can not create neither can the Devil. Only GOD the father, GOD the son, and GOD the Holy SPirit. John 14:26 Gen 1:6 Let us make man in OUR Image accoring to our Likeness.

Explain The Trinity To Me
GOD is like the tree. You need all three for GOD to exist. That is why they are called the three in one by most. 3 representations but one in godly nature and thought. The bible says GOD is invisible but yet it also says that GOD talked to Abraham face to face while going to destroy Sodom. Abrahem bowed down to him. GOD walked in the Garden with Adam. God is a Spirit Job 33:4 Paslms 104:30 Jesus is GOD in flesh Hebrews 1:1-3 Colossians 2:8-9

I Am Running Out Of Hope
The Bible also says the husband is to love the wife just as Jesus loves the church. Jesus being GOD knew we were week so he provided a way for the church to recieve salvation. He left heaven came to earth lived in a body like us and was tempted as we were. He then died for us provideing for us what we could not do for ourselves because we are week. Jesus is our Shepard. he leads us he provides for us he he watches over us.

I Am Running Out Of Hope
If your husband is a christian,You are going to have to confront your husband in a gentle and loving way that he is not fulfilling the scriptures in 1 Peter 3:7. The husbands are to dwell with the wife in Knowledge that she is the weaker Vessel. She needs help. The husband is to show her Honor not abuse her. You both inherit salvation togather. The husband is not better than the wife nor the wife better than the husband. The husband is to take into account the weakness of the wife.

Do You Like The Church You Attend
It can be hard finding a church you like.
First the person has to decide what they are looking for in a church. One should only join a church when led by GOD to do so. No church is going to be perfect. There is always going to be something that could possibly hinder one from worshiping. I have been a member of 3 churchs total in the last 40 years. One needs to pray and ask GOD if this is where GOD wants me.

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