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King James Only Christian
No, but given its pivotal place in an extremely significant point in Christian history, I believe and use the venerable King James in all my Comparative Bible Study to clarify meaning and interpretation. In that context, including Calvin's Geneva Bible would also work well. Suggesting that we learn English circa 1611 is disingenous BTW

Having Affair With My Pastor
(1) Confront him with the obvious fact that you both have been sinning. Suggest that you both repent of the sin individually and together. Both ask God for forgiveness. If he still persists, (2) same as #1 but with a trusted person, possibly who as also been involved with him, (3) take to church leadership AND remember ... this individual is ABUSING you with power and position!

Does The Bible Contradict Itself
There are at least two complete Codices of the complete Bible in Greek dating back as early as 300-325 AD, as well as volumes of volumes of earlier (large) fragments in Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic of various books of canonical book of the bible. From these are the source documents for (the plethora of, -sigh-) modern translations. A fact for perspective: the KJV was based on c.1100 Textus Receptus, a modern transaltion c.325. The fact: the Living Bible is alive and well.

Mitt Romney And Hillary Clinton
Whoever is elected will have to swear to "preserve, protect and defend the Consitution of the United Stated". This mitigates (and protects us) from either candidate implementing their extreme positions. Plus, just in case, Congress and the most conservative (Supreme) court (system) we've had in years further protect. God truly inspired the authors of the constitution AND ... the oath of office to protect us. I'd choose Romney with a likely Democratic Congress (more balancing)

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