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Should Christians Ban Books
As a boy i was an avid reader.. i read the communist Manifesto and studied it along with Thomas Moore Eutopia,, Plato , Socrates and other works, Edgar Cayce books and others in phenomen and other mystical aspects , Pyscho-Spiritaul. Transcendal Meditation... and other writings well before i was 19. My avid reading.. on Science and other matters, brought me closer to God and to seek to serve him. I am glad that such materials were not banned but were there to help me make my choices in life.

Who is Myles Munroe?
I do not believe in following man.. Man can fail.. when one looks at the Bible , David, Abraham,, all the men had their weaknesses and shortcomings.. None of us are prefect.
I have followed Myles Munroe ministries and read his books for many years. I have been blessed and many others.
His books on Leadership and DEVELOPING MY potential has opened my eyes and allowed me to seek to walk in destiny and purpose.

Youth Pastor Date A Non-Virgin
My reply to you is to stimulate thinking and for you to realise how God operates to bring about his desired end.
Lets look at Hosea.. God chose for him Gomer... who was she?
We will never understand God.. why he will choose persons from different sexual preferences, from different social backgrounds or cultures to achieve his will.
You need to seek God more here. The question I will ask you.. Are you comfortable here. Do you personally want to marry a virgin?

Who is Chuck Missler?
There are many new ministries coming up.. Many persons Scientist, athletes, movie stars, singers , celebrities are coming to Christ. We live in the end times and they will be many more. But let us Remember 1 john 4 :1. Beloved, believe not every spirit ,but try the spirits whether they are of God, because many false prophets are into the world.

Is A Evolution College Degree Evil
1 corinthians chater 1 and vs 27 outlines some aspects on the wisdom of this world and the strategy that God has used to confound the wise of the world. One must commend you for seeking to educate yourself. Is it wise to label persons proudly ignorant, because you have sat in a classroom and absorbed and regurgitated information.

Is A Evolution College Degree Evil
Education is not Evil...God created this world and in so doing open the avenues that men and women could acquire knowledge.One can sit and intellectualise so much and look for facts and proof to cement what they believe in.I have sat in seminars here to listen to many top scientist who did not believe in God dispell their earlier therioes and fully proclaim their new found faith and belief in God.

No Contract With A Christian
The Pauline Letters or the Epistles outlines in some instances and admonishes why some parties should not associate. You can read through the Epistles and see if what is written adresses the situation.

Who is Pat Robertson?
Pat Robertson is a man.. Only God knows his heart and whether he is of God or of the Kingdomm of darkness.
God gives us choices....We can choose to listen to his ministry or to clearly ignore it. The jewish leaders of the day spent time arguing whether Jesus ministry was real or of the devil. There is one thing i say.. At the end of life God will judge us on our stweradship here on Earth.
Those who are false will be judged.

Pagans Decorate Trees
Many christians over the years have followed what is traditional.. what they were taught by their parents, and forefathers, without coming to their deductions and formulating their own way of life re christmas or other festivals. On the issue of whether they are scripture verses on such issues, I will ask how many read the bible, and what level are they at, and are prepared to accept such teachings when the vast majority are contrary to what the bible says.

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