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Not Attracted To Him
I would advise you to give him a little time to see if he becomes physically attractive to you because it does happen sometimes with time as you like the emotional connection more and more. But if time passes and you still don't see it just break it off because i know from experience that a relationship without physical attraction and that certain spark becomes a chore almost and I'm sure that the right person is out there and his right person also just pray that god will lead you the right path for the both of you!

Who is David Jeremiah
I was reading through the comments and I'd like to dispel a few myths:
1. David Jeremiah does not drive a $100,000 Mercedes. He has an SUV and it's not a Mercedes. Seriously, we live in a nice area, but nobody has a car like that around here.
2. He also does not live in a mansion. He has lived in the same home for many years. I've been there. It's beautiful and comfortable, but not what most here in California would call a "mansion".
Dr. Jeremiah speaks from the Word of God and he does not skip over parts. When the subject of tithing comes up, he preaches what God says in the Bible. I believe God has blessed him for his strong stand-- not for his own benefit, but to help us grow in our faith and obedience toward God's Word.

My Husband Will Not Work
I, too, have the same problem. He is able bodied but just too lazy to work. He does not even help around the house although in his mind he thinks he does a lot. I need some guidance because I do not think a wife should suffer like this for years. It has been three years since he quit his job. And he claims to be a Christian.

How Do You Feel About Death
Doug, I so agree with you.
Believing in eternal hell is not what God had in mind for any of us. It would also deny us the choice God gave us. Good research.

How Do You Feel About Death
Lisa- I like that! NEVER DIE. But there's also a place in the Bible that says, as Jana said, that we know nothing, till Christ comes. I like to believe what I feel in my heart- that my son is watching over me. It just shows how we can't take the Bible literally and it is the messages conveyed to each of us, in our hearts, when we read it, that really matter.

Does Suicide Send You To Hell
Alan, I am so sorry to hear about your precious son. I, too, lost my son, 23 yrs. old, only 17 months ago from an accidental drug overdose, but he was so unhappy before he died. There is nothing worse than losing our children, especially if they were unhappy when they left. My heart goes out to you and your beloved. I know they are with God now.

Suffer Agonies Of Hell Forever
There is no hell, the catholics church made this up. The bible was written in metaphors and parables - especially revelation. God is love and love is the final law. All other, including death, torture and evil, will be done away with for eternity.

How Do You Feel About Death
Holly4jc - I know you didn't mean to imply I say 'kooky' things.

Emcee, obviously death is a part of life. You missed my point completely. When you have a child die, you know that death was not meant to be part of life - thus the evil - that is why it will be done away with. Death came about with original sin.

Does Suicide Send You To Hell
Lisa- Almost all Jesus says in the bible is metaphor or symbolism. The real messages lie between the lines. I believe that everyone who wants to be with God will be. That is our choice, it's not about punishment or saying certain words of repentance or faith- it's what's in your heart - which is much deeper than any words can say.

How Do You Feel About Death
Jerry, I totally agree. Death is evil. I lost my 23 year old son recently and I can promise you that it is. God even says it is. That is why he helps me to bear it. That is why he says death will be eliminated and we will live eternally. Death separates us from those we love. It is evil.

Does Suicide Send You To Hell
Please read James:2. For whoever keeps the whole law but fails in one point, has become accountable for all of it. So speak and act s those who are to be judged by the law of liberty. For judgement will be without mercy to anyone who has shown no mercy: mercy triumphs over judgement.

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