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Explain John 1:13
This verse refers to the inclusion of non-jews as Abraham's children. Though they are not born jews in a human sense, 'God' makes them Abraham's children (i.e. chosen people). So the question should be, are we born of men or God? But if the q is about salvation by human decision or divine ordination, it's a mix of both. Without God's choice (to give Jesus) man can't choose. But now that He has done his part, each person is free to enjoy this grace.

Violent Take It By Force
Clearly from John till Jesus there was an exceptional aggressiveness with which the Kingdom of God advanced (see NIV). So that explains the first part. Regarding the second, I think Jesus made a veiled comment on the ability given to every Christian (in Jesus) to aspire to be heir to the throne of David (see Rev. 3:21). This will also put an end to the Jewish expectation of the Kingdom's restoration (i.e. the 'overcomer' - agressor would've taken the Kingdom by force).

Explain Isaiah 8:20
This verse talks about the importance of consulting God (I don't think it is a reference to Scripture alone, but also men of God recognized by their holy conduct)as opposed to a spiritist or medium. If we don't care to see what God (whose heart is most clearly revealed in Scripture) has to say, we are doomed for certain.

Eve Made From Adam's Rib
Much like what Gordon says I think it is to do with the woman's relation to man. I would like to add that woman is equal to man in every sense. However in the context of a family God has assigned the leadership role to man.

Works Grace Or Faith Save
If by grace, you mean a sort of "militant" compassion that drags some to heaven, surely NOT. As for works, it needn't be taken to mean any kind of work done "more" than what Jesus has already done (coz nothing we do can outdo his). But a holy life doesn't come easy. So work is OK. Faith, without it there is no appropriation of grace or power to do the work God requires. All 3 needed for mankind to not only be saved but also judged.

How To Maintain Salvation
We certainly can't die for our sins. Jesus did that already. But we can at least live by feeding on the Bread from Heaven!! That way we will be sure to "maintain" our salvation. If we haven't fed on the True Bread we'd find that our faith was also dead. Again, be careful to eat up. :)

Is The Internet Of The Lord
While the internet is definitely a neutral medium, it is almost 'fatally enslaved' by the powers of wickedness. We are governed by rotten politics often but we can't always escape it. In some cases we patiently wait for God's redemption. The Bible does not give a list of 'good/bad' gadgets but recognizes our ability to discern to a great extent good from bad. That was one thing good about Eve's choice.

Love Of Christ On Blogs
Excellent thought! I think you've answered your blog only too well!

Favorite Old Testament Book
It seems to me, Isaiah is. It offers endless hope. And mainly because of the excitement it brings to me when I think of its imminent fulfillment in our times. With special reference to the Jews 'return' back to God and the terrific impact it will have on the whole world, the Gentiles. I can't help but flip to it every other time!!

God's Message To Israel
I see it as far more identical than different. The law applies to all mankind (Jew or Gentile) along with its purpose, blessings and curses. But only now, God will be more gracious to Jews in not rejecting them once and for all (Rom 11). This is on account of Abraham and the role Jews have played for salvation of the whole world. Other than that I think Gentiles will even share in the inheritance rights through Jesus. Coz only in Jesus DO JEWS AND GENTILES ALIKE relate to God as Father.

My Wife Wants A Separation
You haven't mentioned the reason. If she was the first woman (and remains the last - except remarriage for widower) in your life, then do all you can to save your marriage. Do not be discouraged whatever your wife or children say out of rage or ignorance. No effort is a waste in saving it. If she still walks out, devote your life to God. For contexts other than the first marriage let her leave and serve God.

Married After The Affair
Julie, Jesus told the woman at the well Jn 4 that her relationships were not right. He tells another woman caught in an affair to leave her life of sin. So Scripture wants us to live in purity. In your case leaving the man alone fixes your problem. Maybe prayerfully you could start finding a way to put an end to this relationship.

God's Permissive Will

His will grants us permission to go against his will in a very concrete sense coz we can anytime be terminated by God if he so chooses to. That is how he honors our decisions which will also give Him the legitimate rights to justly punish us when the time is ripe. There is nothing outside God's purview. We can't even go against him without him "allowing" us. And we might actually fulfill his desire for justice that way. Apart from permissive will there is another will he has for our good and it would be worthwhile to invite that will for ourselves rather than his 'permissive will'.

I Am A Non Believer

What if I'm someone who is integrally just a bit more bad than you suggested? Why don't you go all the way and accept someone who is absolutely bad? We can choose to accept or reject in some areas. Not all. I can choose between colors, food, even associations. I can't choose to fly like a bird with wings, or jump into the sea as if I had fins. I'm made a certain way with a law written within me. That law is inescapable and no philosophy can rewrite it. And sometimes it might be reasonable to disagree when differences amount to violation of that law within, coz somewhere some severe damage will result becoz of that wrong choice.

God's Permissive Will
Permissive will is what helps us understand God's sovereignty and goodness in the midst of so much rebellion all around: the rebellion of those who follow God and at times fail as well as those who reject him. In the case of the former God uses it to teach us lessons and His will/plan for us. In the case of the latter, he uses each person's choice to work out to God's own ends. Permissive will also helps us acknowledge the absolute responsibility for human choices that will merit their just punishments or rewards in the end.

Explain Revelation Chapter 12
I think the woman is a specific lady who through great pain will bring forth a male child. This I don't think refers to Christ coz there seems no need to refer back to a finished event. The pain she has is reflective of Eve and her curse, quite symbolic of all mankind and also of Zion, pictured so often as a woman in labour. After her exile, with her children abandoned, God will revive her and give her a son who will rule the nations like David's promised son who was to rule the world with an iron rod, the Word of God. I personally feel after much study of this book that this individual could also well be the one in Rev 19, mainly coz of the 'iron rod' reference. Preposterous, but why can't people washed in Christ's blood be that glorious?

Dad Got Me Pregnant
For fourteen years if your daughter has been brought up without that knowledge, please spare her that one grief. Medical procedures are fairly advanced to treat illnesses of different kinds. Even by studying her genes her father can be traced as someone very close to her mother which could also be used for treatment. Maybe you could just tell her that her father's identity you've hidden becoz she was born of some extreme sexual violation. Probably to be kind to you and not bring back your past memories, your daughter may refrain from insisting on knowing. May God help you handle this problem.

Apostle Paul's Gospel
The blog question seems to sense something different between Jesus' and Paul's gospel messsages. It appears from Paul's own writings that God has used Paul as a vessel to deliver some hidden mysteries unlike before (that even Jesus didn't teach). This is specifically with reference to the gentile inclusion. God operates a certain plan for reasons best known to him. It doesn't mean we are looking down on Jesus or his ministry or teaching as insufficient. However their messages are not different. Paul's inspired messages are from God and explain the detailed theology behind gospel doctrines. It builds on earlier truths. It's like NT giving the meaning of OT. Hence both Jesus and Paul speak the same Gospel.

Is Tithing Mandatory
There is a point behind the institution of tithes. It is to give generously to God among several other things. We must be giving all that we own to God without limit. My dad, Lloyd D. Thomas has voraciously studied this topic and says that nowhere in the NT it specifies that we must give tithes (i.e. just 10%). He repeatedly insists we must give our all to God and not hold back anything for ourselves. It is my dad's opinion I'm stating here. I feel absolutely convinced by this. Freewill, yes, but it is better to give lavishly than to hold back.

Are There Prophets Today
Yes. God has appointed me to be a prophet to the nations. God expects his prophet to discern and act when he senses something that goes against God's expectations. He may either declare boldly or in a tactful manner but the point seems to be "judging" and passing a clear verdict irrespective of who the offender is. There seem to be special times when God moves in the heart of his chosen vessel. At those times they are moving ahead with God's signet ring and none CAN oppose him. But they are not like angels who cannot err. Nathan 'allowed' David to build the Temple. But God corrected him and asked him to correct his words that David's son would actually build it. God allows even a prophet to learn valuable lessons through errors.

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