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Dungeons Dragons Demons
NO WAY! I would make sure that that game along with the ouija board was no where near me! You are meddling with Satan when you meddle with certain games. Do not open your mind to those games. Trust me when I tell you that I once watched a woman being exorcised of demons. She admitted to playing with D & D (not sure how long?) and I sat & watched many different demons come out of her mouth. You can hear the 'demonic' voice when she spoke, gnashing her teeth. (Contd.)

Dungeons Dragons Demons
Only Jesus can set you free! Please stay away from these things. NO Christian should be playing with these... let alone their children. And make sure your children aren't down the street playing with it at their friend's house. Very dangerous to your mind/life!

Have You Seen A Miracle
My child while in utero had 3 factors going against him for having Down's. My age (40), nuchal fold thickness (an indicator for Down's), and had a 2 vessel cord (r/t anomalies or defects). Last Mother's Day, I asked our church & Pastor to pray & believe for a miracle. The Pastor after that turned to me and said that he believed God WAS going to give me my miracle~my gift from God for Mother's Day. About 4 months later, my son was born without Down's or defects! Thank you Jesus! :)

Can I Marry A Muslim
Some women think that they know their loved ones so well. They can change on you after marriage. If you have any children, we can only imagine the pain these women feel. It happens all the time. Watch the old movie "NOt without my daughter" to give you another glimpse of what happens to some after marrying a Muslim. No disrespect to any Muslims reading this. However, you must know what I am referring to. It's not anything new.

Seek Jesus in your life for answers! God bless!

I Hate My Wife
I started thinking she may be tired, because that is what I am with raising Irish triplets all under the age of 3! I feel like I got lazy. Just can't keep up! But I feel that your wife may need to be introduced to Jesus. She does not sound as though she knows Him with her critical words. And out with the girls? She needs to perhaps put her family 1st, then her friends. There is HOPE in Jesus. And life too! :)

My Infant Son Died
I can only imagine what you are feeling. My Mom has always told me that God has a plan. As if it's in His will. There are difficult situations where we want to ask "Why?", but know God is Almighty & with a plan. Reason being I asked my Mom...why? A mother 7 months pregnant died on Christmas Day and was able to save the baby. My Mom said she saw the 4 yr old girl wipe her Daddy's tears as her Mommy lie dead in the coffin.

My Infant Son Died
MORE~ And recently a 16 yr. old cousin came home from school to find her Mom dead. She had delivered a baby 3 months prematurely 4 weeks prior to her death. She was only 35. Just hard to understand that God has a plan. Just remember to praise Him in your storm...He is the God who gives and takes away...Praise you in this storm by Casting Crowns. Beautiful song. He loves you and does care for you. Seek Him...because only He can help heal your heart. God bless you.

My Infant Son Died
MORE~ Also, I heard this before. That sometimes God allows things to happen to draw us closer to Him. And I have heard of people not getting healed or did receive a healing?? Only God can give you the answer...someday when we get to Heaven, perhaps we can ask Him..But at that point, I think you will be so happy to be reunited with your baby boy! God bless you as you go through this difficult time.

Why You Like Your Spouse
Ok girls...I am thankful and appreciative of my Husband of 4 years because...He does laundry :), cooks, cleans...and even cleans bathrooms...and "babysits" our children! AND...he loves Jesus! He has given me 3 beautiful children as well! He was well worth the wait! :)

Fate Of Aborted Babies
There will be MILLIONS of babies in Heaven! Don't forget, "Jesus loves the little children~red & yellow, black & white, they are all precious in His sight"!
I knew of a girl yrs. ago who worked for an abortion center. She said that they would joke & say, "ok, takin' the "kids" for a walk" their dead bodies were carried in a bag to an incinerator to be burned up! (contd.)

Fate Of Aborted Babies
MORE~ How sick is that?? I would LOVE for all women who have abortions to walk their own babies to the incinerator and watch them burn? Do you think then that we would have so many abortions? If only we can show the young girls, images of their moving fetus' in their wombs or the early stages! May God save them...or they are all going to Hell for murder. (Thou shall not kill. Does anyone remember this commandment??) Oh that's right, we took the commandments out of public places. So sad!

Can I Marry A Muslim
My coworker married a Muslim. Got divorced. She lost custody & got visitation. He had $$, she didn't. She last saw her oldest son at age 12, other son 7, & daughter 7 because he took them to Syria. Next to impossible with laws to get them back. The oldest was allowed to come back to US, since he "was" going to marry his cousin who was awaiting her VISA. After getting here, he told his father "NO" that he was not going to get married!

Can I Marry A Muslim
He then surprised & called his Mom! They will reunite w/her for Mother's Day! :)
Please pray for a miracle! Her daughter & son to be returned to the US and for her to see them again! The father has his family raising them over there while he is living in the US raising other children with his wife! So sad! All for a dowery as well! $$ for his daughter when she gets married..which can be anytime soon.

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