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Can Females Wear Pants
I have been in almost all churches.i have been member of a church where it was forbidden to wear trousers, if u do u are not a child of God.The fact is,u are still a child of God even with pants.Everything is permitted but not all glorifies God. LADIES,before you go out,look at yourself,take your bible,go before God,ask: Father,am i dressed like a daughter of the most high and Holy one?am i bringing glory to you, do you like my pants?I tell you, God is the best designer, a loving father,he will tell you.

Decided To Stay A Virgin
Nice decision but make sure that is the will of God for you and not just your desire!Am also a virgin,and when i was very young i wanted like you to be like that!then later i discovered that i wanted to get married!My first relationship did not really work out so i punished myself because i ever loved a guy!But now i know!i dont want to stay virgin!Am just afraid to be hurt!So Am praying to God to protect me and i know he will.

How To Move On From Relationship
Susan!No relashionship can make one happy!Happiness comes from inside of you!understanding that you have God's Love!Am a young girl but have had a relashionship that almost brought me down.We decided to take time and be alone.understand,love ourselves, love God, and then maybe come back together!we noticed that we depended too much on each other. that's not good!So my advice:be still and know that HE is God, and God is Love, the best friend, the best relashionship that will never hurt nor disappoint you.

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