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Little Depressed And Unfocused
claim phil4-7.surrender what burdens u to god daily. pray for restoration 4 is short pray for peace,strength,comfort,read a book "When the rope breaks" i will pray for your restoration. you are not alone. glu.

Left Husband So Now What
surrender all these burdens to God,and ask him to restore u.Phi4-7.u are #1 let go completely life is short pray for restoration of your strong.choose life for you now, you deserve that, amen.

Should I Take My Husband Back
no!! if he couldn't understand what a good person for you before, what will make it change are better then that,go to councelling with a pastor who can advise you on what to do. don't go backwards now.

I Am Running Out Of Hope
claim phil4-7 daily. surrender him to God, his mind to the mind of God, his will to gods will, surrender his angryness, bitterness, claim him for God. Pray for yourself, surrender everything to God daily.

Need Help From Low Esteem
In our lives we question our self-esteem, who am i? where do i belong? God has a big heart to hear you day or night pray. leave burdens in gods hands that stand in the way to getting self esteem, God loves you much pray dear. prayer helps in everything. be good to you 1st thats where it starts.

Generational Curses For Real
I did worry if generational curses get passed down, i learned to leave it in God's hands.with prayer ,guidiance of how to give it to the lord.surrender it to god daily. its a burden we should give to god and leave it with god. don't claim it willbe passed down

My Husband Has Seperated
my heart hurts for you/children.i'am in the same situation but mine left us for a man.separated now and leave it all in gods hands,the hurt,pain,anger, and pray that god heals him,i'am free of him.i deserve better.

My Boyfriend Died
It is hard to understand why loved ones get taken away. God is with you,you are not alone,he will,comfort,guide,help,protect you.phil4-7.u are in my prayers to ask god to help you one day at a time.God be with u.

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