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Does Your Soul Die
When we are born...we are extensions of generations of death resulting from the 'fall' (which I totally believe was purposed by God). During the initial 'death' of our 'fallen' soul... God continues His redemptive works. But when one progressively and deliberately rejects His 'drawings'...that soul is turned over to a 'reprobate mind' and becomes dead for eternity (second death). Its horrors are unspeakable. Christ screamed when His soul died the Second Death on our behalf! We use the symbol of the cross to represent His death. But nothing can depict the horrors His soul experienced in that Death!

Does Truth Save Anyone
'I am the way, the truth,..... John 14.6....'Sanctify them through the truth: Thy word is truth.' John 17.17. 'In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God (John 1.1) 'And the Word was made flesh ...(Jesus)John 1.14.
'Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free???" Loving the truth is to love God with all your heart and soul....and to love ones neighbor as oneself. To receive the Truth is to receive God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. One must know them through personal relationship by way of studying the Word and understanding its meaning by way of the Holy Spirit as teacher.

Pray To God or Jesus
God, Son, and Holy Comforter are one in the same being....but in 3 separate persons or offices. The beautiful thing about Jesus dying the second death on our that God the Father sent part of Himself to that horrible death. I love that the Heavenly Daddy revealed Himself to us...up close and personal through the office of the Son, Jesus. And that when Jesus had to leave us...The Father (who is also in the Son) remained with us by way of the Third Person of the Trinity....the Holy Comforter. We are to pray 'in the name of Jesus.' But scripture says the Holy Spirit 'searches' the reins of our hearts and goes to God with the need. When we pray...all three are listening!

USA Becoming Socialistic
No...we're not moving to socialism. Mystery Babylon in Revelations shows the worldly outcome of materialism...the fullness of greed. 'Socialism' and being our 'brother's keeper' are clearly separate subjects. Socialism is practiced by governments of the 'world' and is based in the greedy control of wealth. Loving our neighbor and being our brother's keeper...even the unlovable based in the heart of God through the temple He indwells...His true Church. We are 'in' the world but not 'of' the world. A Democrat who voted for Obama, I believe in government doing all it can to help the 'widows' and 'fatherless' in their afflictions. But what a shame on the church that government generally does much more than those called by His name.

Am I A Prophet Of God
I have seen things years before that later happened just that way.
I've seen things which have not yet happened...but will. Prophets are spokespersons for God... delivering accurate messages from God. Prophets are ridiculed, rejected, cast out, and/or killed. Three years ago I heard the audible voice of forerunner Elias...telling me 'prepare ye the way of the lord...make his path straight (same message he delivered embodied in John the Baptist).' Elias's message communicated to me that we are seeing end-time evils that will culminate with the coming of our beloved King Jesus. And, hey, few want to hear that message...not even the church.

Healed Of Depression
Yes! I'm watching a close family member being healed from depression... a spiritual rather than biological sickness. Depression is desolation from serving the flesh rather than God. For three days God allowed me to experience depression's lonely vile desolation... death with no life. If I had to live with that feeling... I would kill myself to stop it. After the experience... I knew why Christ screamed and said, "My God, why have you forsaken me?" Sin separates. To be out of the presence of God is to be in intolerable desolate death. Like Johah, Christ knew God would not leave His 'soul' in hell but would restore Him from 'death' to 'life.'

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