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Divorce Eating Sleeping Husband
jesus wants us to trust and pray and stay in our marriage to our husband,our lord is with you always.please pray for a healing for you and your marriage.ask other christains to pray with you for this will save your marriage as you learn asking god for love into your marriage.feelings can't be trusted god can be trusted forever.

What Are You Thankful For
what I am thankful for
being able to live in amerca where i am free to worship God.
having a wonderful birthday
friends and family around me on my birthday
going excersing wiht my friend
this list a very short list. And im sure that i can think of much more to say , but im going to keep the list short

Is Global Warming Harming Us
We are advised to give Christ-like replies ONLY, and that leaves no room for rude and judgemental "put-down humor". This is a Christian website.

Baptism Needed For Salvation
Eloy: Please tell us what works the thief on the cross did, as he repented and received salvation? Also, if there is no salvation without works, how do sinners receive salvation when they repent on their deathbed, seeing they aren't able to do any good works? Are you saying they won't go to heaven, even if they have repented of their sins?

Prayer Room Blog
I thank the Lord for those who pray when others are burdened. Thank you to those who prayed for mine. Blessings.

Prayer Room Blog
Replying to Judy and Timothy: Someone very, very close to me was dying. They have since been released from their suffering. I apologize that i couldn't bring myself to go into details.

Prayer Room Blog
Replying to Judy and Timothy: Someone very, very close to me was dying. They have since been released from their suffering. I apologize that i couldn't bring myself to go into details.

Prayer Room Blog
Unspoken prayer request. Thank you brothers and sisters in the Lord.

My Husband Is On A Ship
Your words are witty, but they lack compassion. We should all guard our speech...words have the ability to harm or heal.

Pray In The Holy Ghost
Bernadette: You mention "a royal telephone to God". Is there another telephone line where others can get thru to God when they aren't quite as high up the ladder with this gift of tongues? "He that speaketh in an unknown tongue EDIFIETH HIMSELF" (1Cor. 14:4) .

Do You Talk To Your Angels
Okebaram....How does one command angels? Do you have scripture to support this statement?

New What's Up Blog
Raine: re:baby rabbits. So nice to hear of your care and concern for the baby rabbits. You might try setting out a dish near them with oatmeal in it, as they may not be big enough to eat pellets yet. Also shredded carrots or apple peels are good. We feed the rabbits in winter; they leave our roses and bushes both ways! Blessings.

This Is The Whining Blog
Dear Mrs. Morgan, Your prayers & encouragement are appreciated more than I can say. Thank you, sister. The family is on the verge of breaking apart unless the Lord intervenes. I thank God for you and pray for you and your family.

This Is The Whining Blog
I'm crying to God for my son & his wife and their handicapped child. He's showing signs he has just given up and everything is hopeless. God help them. amen

Dating Unsaved Girl For Years
God desires our obedience and that is vital in our relationship to God. It is a choice we have to make, choose whom you will obey, your desries or the way of God as taught in the Bible, and trust God for the future. God knows our deepest needs and He is our provider.Meanwhile pray for your girlfriends salvation.

What Is A Reformed Baptist
I am also attending a Reformed Baptist. And I am glad that I have found a Church where God's Word is the sole source of doctrine concerning the being of God, man, relationship between God & man, sin, salvation in Christ, God's sovereignity, etc.

What Did I Do Wrong
Cathy-I am moving there we will not be living together until marriage.

Husband Has Nudes and Love
I am the one who posted the original question, so thank you for all your prayers and for your wisdom. I have gotten a little confused with alot of the responses as some have posted their issues so I am not really sure which were responding to the original post. But, thank you and god bless.

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