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Signs For Christian Living
need more bible study lessons

Who Was Melchizedek
Melchizedek was a King and Preist. He is the only person in Scripture mentioned that held both these offices, except Jesus. He was a Cannanite who worshipped god most high(not Yahweh),as many canaanites did, Not the Lord God most High, as Abraham states in Ge.14:22.He is used as a type to prove Christ's superiority to all who were before Him. Abram gave him a tenth of the spoils of war, which was a normal practice in Cannanite culture.

Benny Hinn And Falling
In my view it is upto God to expose and deal with the the false prophets in our midst.Our duty is to test every spirit and to hold on to that which is true and good.If we feel that a preacher is not a man of God then why not avoid his meetings?

Believe The Word Not TV
I have to argee with candice, if you read your Bible you will find out that what candice said is true. Satans kingdom is this earth, that is why Christ is going to set up a new heaven and a new earth. it says in Revalations. you could read your bible more and you would now the truth, what is true and not. Amen

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