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Neutral On Abortions


Are you going to answer john9346's question to you?

Neutral On Abortions

I noticed you never answered John9346's Question to you.

St. Thomas Not Skeptical
"Did God tell the Egyptians to cross the Red Sea also? No
So how is it that God who caused them to sin?
God warned them many of times."


Have you ever read Romans 9:9-23 which clearly explains God predestining Jacob and Esau and Pharoah and the Egyptians.

God brought the Egyptians in the Red Sea to destroy them

See Exodus 7:3-4, 9:12-16.

Yahweh is awesome!!!!

Things Coming Back
Our Father in Heaven,
It was a public sin, so i pray pubicaly.
i humbly confess and beg forgiveness for me, my Father, and Grand Fathers of our disobedience to you and your word.

Christmas trees we put up,

giving Santa lists of things we wanted but did't need,

teaching our children songs that teach lies,

gluttonizing our selves at the festivities,

putting up the mistletoe,

celebrating the birthday of Christ when you never commanded it.

Forgive us Lord of these abominations.

i repent!

In the name of the one true Christ, Yashua the Anointed Messiah, the real Jesus, Amen

Attended Lakeland Revival
I beg to differ with this response of the moderator. The Word says in Psalms, "Touch not my anointed, neither do my prophets harm!" I have been to the one in Alabama, and I didn't see anything wierd there. People need to be careful what they judge, because they often miss out on what the Lord has for them. What we don't need today is the legalistic, critical, religious spirit in our churches. That criticize every move of the Holy Spirit. God bless the moderator and this site, but this is my take and I'm sticking to it.

Is Freemasonry Bad Or Good
i have discovered a mason like cult in my location they are preforming cerimonies and wearing gold necklesses they stand a certin way and wear black robes they prey over 4 black boxes and then clap and then prey they do this for a long time a sword is also involved in the cerimony (sorry for the spelling i have to act fast) we have been monitoring them for a long time now and they also enter a room and turn the lights off. all of these things are signs of a cult worshiping there "god" i dont think its healthy and it worrys me what do you guys think.

Witnessing to a Jehovah Witness
Is it me or do you people not read the original bible. I don't even believe in Jesus and you people got your facts all screwed up. Are all Jehova's Witness's cult, santan loving people? All you care about is your religion, there is no God.

Should We Consider UFOs
I used to work in Warwick, NY. Beautiful place. Get's cold there in the winter.

Mega Church Pastor Salaries
this is so frustrating. why is there a distinction? No one should be rich! good for you if you are able to earn good money. More to give away. No one needs more than 100-200 per year, after that give it away. Bankers, salemen, drs, and yes pastors too!

Preacher Husband Left Me
It is never okay for your spouse to hit you unless you physically attacked him first. Since he has threatened you, don't take it lightly. He could follow through one day. I think your main goal right now is to pray to God. Daily free up some of your time. Go to a place where you can be alone and it is quiet then pray and meditate on Gods word. Find a church to go to. Wait on God. Decide now that God is with you and you are going to be okay no matter what happens.

Wife Divorcing Over Bi-Polar
before wwI, bi-p and skxz were treated very successfully with vitamins. after wwI+II, the drug industry took over, and won't allow. still, if you can read you can find out URself. who U gonna trust - G_d or man?

My Husbands Two Year Affair
sorry, but your knowledge of hebrew customs and language may be not so great. yes, american customs, english churches, allow divorce for many reasons. but not Scripture. the verse U R referring to is for divorce during betrothal, never after marriage(for unbelievers no rules,for believers Life!). shalom in Yeshua.

Is God Just One Person
lisa, there are no good arguments for oneness-
your friend won't accept any; like mc. both have been deceived for so long all their lives by so many friends, society, family, church and gov and others. Only G_d, the One True, can remove the veil.

Classical Music From The Devil
read david wilkersons sermons, excellant view from G_d's Word instead of carnal.

Scriptures Only Please
Sam, stick to your guns! Almost all replies defend mankinds perversion of truth, because of almost total deception(Scripture says the whole world is deceived, even the elect are a.l.m.o.s.t. deceived). Yhwh gave you, Sam, a Promise and a Plan. read it and stick to it, trusting only Him, trusting only G_d.

ADHD, Autism & Tourette's Syndrome
sabrina, i know the direction of cures, but don't know how to get the info to you. the ama and the usa don't allow the remedies, though you can find them locally in most areas.(i don't sell anything, just pass it on for free like the Gospel of Yeshua.)

Wierd Laws In The OT
genetic mods are for profit, and devastating to the people. in the 1500's, men of G_d pointed out that incorporated business has one and only one motive: GREED.(even 'cstian' companies, with extremely rare if any exceptions)
channel 11 docs showed that in EVRY u.s. city, the poor workers rioted AGAINST factories (for good reason, the poor knew the future)

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