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Does Divorce Seems To Pass
I am so thankful for many of your responses. I feel like you Eloy. She has moved down the street and has her young lover staying the night with our 3 sons. This is her 4th lover to my knowledge. Great testimony Mark V. She came back. I see now also how I put her 1st. Was your wife unfaithful? Is that why God took her home early? Check out Ezekiel 16. Adultery is punished. God promises it.

Will God Restore My Marriage
Thank you Giofighter for your honesty and sharing your testimony! My ex wife is living in sin and I have been praying for reconciliation. This let's me know what her life will be like if she ever marries these guys she's sinning with.

Afraid Of Girlfriend's Past
So Ryan, did you marry her? You seem to be more advanced than I was when I faced this same dilemma. I wasn't saved at the time either. I didn't receive Christ til 7 mos after I married. Now I am divorced 2 yrs and 2 yrs separated. She eventually strayed before the marriage, during the marriage, while separated and has like 5th sexual partner now. Younger guy. I can't win. Sad thing is we had kids and now my sons have to endure something that they shouldn't have to go through. And yeah, the comparison thing never goes out of the mind. The guy my ex is with now is half my age and twice my size. So when she came over, laid in my bed, talks of reconciling I could feel her still thinking bout last guy. But she kept saying I can't do this.

Does Divorce Seems To Pass
donna, i am still trying to figure that out. She divorced me for everything I did wrong it appears. Although she committed adultery I still tried to reconcile. I know I was not perfect and God has shown me plenty since. Still I desire my family. Bible says He will give me the desires of my heart. I even heard if I remain celibate God will use this to draw her back. Almost worked recently but she was still sexual with younger dude. Her soul craved his. 3 sons involved. Satan's plan is to seek and destroy. She is so blind in her sins. Count it all joy. Praise, God for this trial.

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