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See Demons Everywhere
2)Important:Gods power will be made perfect in your weaknessFasting)while Satans power will be made perfect in Hers. Advise her to rest and eat well even if it requires medication(during the time of your preparationnn). She must be strong for you to help her cleans herself of these forces. Also she must want to be clean. This will require more than 3days of fasting and the Lord will let you know when the time is right and he will also show what needs to be done.

See Demons Everywhere
1) Unless you are very grounded in the word and your walk is very close to the Spirit of God, you cannot help her and would do yourself best by staying clear of her lest you begin having this happen to you. To help her,perpare by fasting and praying and reading the word night and day. Also while doing this worship the Lord and also with your prayers be sure to include covering yourself and the girl in the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST OF NAZERETH. Use HIS full title.Say it often. Do not have her fast.

Was Hagar A Ligitimate Wife
No she was given to Araham as a surgate mother since Sarah's womb was barren. However,she was stubborn and did not give the child over too Sarah and was hated by Sarah so was cast out of the house hold. Sarah eventually birthed Issac. The two boys were favored by God. One was a leader of Arab Nations Ishmeal(Hagar's Illegitimate) and Issac over the Jewish nations(son of Sara the legitimate).

Are There True Prophets
I have personally known many prophets but they do not come into churches and pick out ladies to tell them nice things about themselves. They speak of things to come and sometimes say harsh thingsabout the churches. I have even seen them silenced by the very pastors who invited them to speak due to what they are saying about churches, ha. They are definetly not the ones who send out news letters asking for money or have tours across the country or are on television. Those are into selfish gain.

Christians Work On Sunday
It is good to worship God in a corporate setting be it Saturday or Sunday. Some people are not comfortable with either. Other's need to work in order to support their families. What ever the case, it is between that person and God. There is no set rule under the New Covenant.

Are Televangelists The Annointed
Satan is the power of the air. The Love of Money is the root of ALL KINDS of evil. They will make merchandise of the sheep. It will be a fearfull thing to see them to fall into the hands of the living God.

Mother Teresa Not Close To God
All of the good works in the world will not get you into heaven if you are not saved. Only God knows if she was saved but false beliefs usually do not get you saved.

Should I Get The Bio-Chip
Isn't that the scariest thing yet? I hope they do not make it mandatory because I am going to refuse it. I don't know if it has anything to do with the mark of the beast or not but it certainly has the appearance of evil and we are suppose to avoid that.

Christian Police Officers
The actual word in the commandment is murder. We need christian police officers who can be honest role models for our children and other members of society.

What Day Is The Sabbath
AG,Gordon)It's interesting that you would understand Splaa's information as something to do with disciplining children. If this is the case,then the way I read those scriptures, He is giving His children permission to choose foods and days of celebration and is pointing out the importance of love. To not be a stumbling block to a fellow brother/sister. These things are legal if done in faith. Also caleb has a point about the 666 you have placed on non Seventh Day Adventist's forheads.

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