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Can We Bind Satan
We can bind Satan

How To Find Laying On Of Hands
first of all where does the Bible say we lay hands on ourselves, He (Jesus) says find the elders to do this, not anyone can do this, they have to be studied in the word and must fast for certain types of things, the Bible says strictly, do not lay hands suddenly on any man, so you cannot just go up to anybody and do this, maybe if the person has a demon, it can be passed over to you, so you have to read all about the subject, in context, don't pick and choose, or you'll end up sick yourself.

Favorite Bible Preacher
Don't watch tv minster preacher

Friendship With A Married Man
my husband has an "emotional: relationship with another married woman. They say it's innocent and I use to beleive it but now the texting scene is proving otherwise.
texts will go for hours at a time late into the night, on occassions when he is supposidly with family, xmas eve, private times and even when he says he's to tired to talk to me but texts everyday for hours on end.
He still says it's innocent however, this relationship has crossed the boundaries whether their is a sexual relationship or not. she should be having her emotional relationship with her partner not mine.
There are friends and then there is more. how far do you intend to take this friendship with this married man? if it is more than mateship - end it.

Husband Turned Muslim
About all you can do is pray that God will open his heart to the holy spirit.

Husband Turned Muslim
What about kids? Are they being raised Muslim too?

Friend Becoming A Mormon
There are scriptures that can be quoted on both sides and the triune hypothesis is only one modern explanation for a trinitarian concept. I admit that this has been a point of confusion since at leat the first century after Christ. Since the trinity concept was so hard for so many to swallow or even comprehend, the doctrine of the incomprehensibility of God got heavily emphasized in the centuries after Christ and it still is today as soon as anyone starts asking real questions. Oddly, Christ never seemed to try to make God the Father seem incomprehensible, but understandable to all, which always strikes me as the way of all those who are espousing the truth.

Still My Wife In Heaven
I understand and am sorry for your loss. I too lost my husband of 30 years at the age of 50. He was healthy and living life too the fullest when God called him away. I am a firm believer that i will meet him when i get to heaven and we will have our home waiting on us to live forever with our saviour. I am having a rough time uderstanding why he took my husband because he was such a good person but , i know God knows best and everything is done for a reason. With my faith in him he will take care of me until i get there.

My Husband Of 28 Years Died
i want you to know i am very sorry for your lost. i also lost my husband of 30 years in march and still don't understand. he was never sick and just had a massive heart attack on the job so i have many unanswered questions but one thing i know forsure is that God will see me though somehow. i am so lonly and resent these people who do not cherrish there time with there mate.
just pray that God will contuine to stengthen me and we will met again on the other side with our savior

A Christian Surrogate Mother
I don't think that is is against christianity to be a surrogate birth mother. I am a women who can't have children and my finance and I would love to have a children of our own. I would like to have a Christian surrogate rather than a non-Christian one. So I say do as you like God will bless you for it

I Want To Divorce My Husband
Rebecca! Romans Chap. 3 We are all sinners. Those who are Christians are "sinners saved by Grace" We still sin everyday i.e...wrong thoughts, lies, you name it, gossip, profanity etc. Christians are saved from eternal separation from God because we have repented and put our trust in Jesus Christ and believe that He paid the penalty for our sins by dying for us on that cross. We believe who He says He is. We confess our sins when we mess up and we move on. He forgives and forgets. Our hope is in Him. We have a relationship with Him. You however have to answer to God. You are calling Him the liar not me. I just spoke up because you have mislead many with that "I'm not a sinner" statement. That is not true Christianity.

Are Mormons Christians
Gina: I appreciated your use of scriptures and showing how you interpretted them. We Mormons generally take it that Christ is the only begotten of the Father, meaning that He was physically born of the Holy Spriit (God?)and Mary. No other person is in this category of being somehow physically born in such a manner, so in that way, Christ is still the "only begotten of the Father".

Are Mormons Christians
Gina: Mormons also believe that in most instances,Christ is acting as a representative of the Father in the O.T. In the N.T. Christ 95% of the time seems to clearly indicate that the Father is someone different than Himself. John talks about "oneness". We mormons like to point out that husband and wife are also to be one and that we are all to be one with God. These last instances of "oneness" show a unity of purpose, not of being.

Christians Support Death Penalty
The issue about the expense of housing criminals vs. that of executions is a practical concern in our horribly mixed up world, but it is not a primary concern in such a moral issue. I am making the religious argument that God must not think it is horrible if he required it (not just allowed it) during O.T. times. As to the "turn the other cheek" I believe that is a personal path, not a way to run governments and courts.

Why Do People Leave Church
Some leave because the way is too hard. Some leave because the leaders are hypocrites. Some leave because the preaching and programs too often have less to do with Christ and more to do with money, or power and gaining followers. Some leave because they honestly have differences on doctrinal matters. We make a big mistake when we think everyone leaves for the same reason. Likewise, there are many reasons (both good and bad) that people go to church.

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