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Should I Marry An Older Girl
Just follow your heart and no one can judges you and ask to God for his guide you whatever you have a right is so short just enjoy your life and throw your worried the important your happy with your love one God we give us eyes to see,heart to love,mouth to talk and more you know what i mean do not think what other says and speaking of love age does'nt matter.for me 25 to marry 32 its good and be sure your the same love each other.

Is There A PreTribulation Rapture
This place stinks of arrogance

Non-Christians Teach Christians
What is it with this guy JOHN and the CAPS!!!????

Southern Baptist, Hellfire and Brimstone preacher?

Free Will In Heaven
Mark, you cant hold the truth of God claiming you know what God has said, if you cant even speak the truth as to what others here have said.

Noone has said God CANT impose his will on us. The disagreement is about what His will is!

You, my friend, are a liar, a guiltmonger and a manipulator. What little respect you may have here, you will find quickly slipping away if you continue with putting words in others mouths. You remind me of a teenage girl. Are you a sheep or a wolf in sheep's clothing?

There are many here who disagree and still show respect for one another. Apparently the necessity of such a thing evades you. If you dont give respect, you wont receive it.

Is Wine A Mocker
Issues like these are what made me leave the church.

The very person complaining about wine because its 'bad for the temple' probably weighs 250lbs and has high cholesterol, or participates in some other form of pleasure that is harmful to the body and is so full of guilt over it they come here to find reasons to judge everyone else.

I detest hypocrites.

Three Days In Paradise
If Im not mistaken Jewish days were always from sunset one day to sunset the next day.

Its even recorded in the account of creation.

"the evening and the morning were the first day"

Is Cosmetic Surgery Biblical
we are all created in God's image so we should love our selfs and appreciate how God has created as and love ourselves,be happy with how we look like i diagree with plastic surgery.busim 8456

Ex-Husband Wants Me Back
no do not take him back. i was married for 20 yr to a guy just like him he did this to me for 20 yrs..he left my children and i homeless living in a car for 8 months would i do it again oh no never think about its not worth it move on and dont look back.

Can Christians Drink Alcohol
it is wrong to consume alcohol because the bible says we should be Christ like meaning that we should resemble Christ in all things. also the bible tells us that wine is a mocker and strong drink is a brawler and whoever is led astray by it is not wise.

Why Do So Many Christians Lie
there are alot of liers in this world and jesus said the road to our father is very narrow.We are all sinners and bound by one sin or another.jesus said that if we beleave we will be unbound and forgiven from our sins...being that lieing and all other sins are so great on earth to day i would say its because we are liveing in the last days before the return of christ....jesus said let them walk as they walk.

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