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Acne Scars Causing Depression
Steven G
That's deep, what you said and probably not a true story about you saying it. The real point is, though, that those who like you will like you and those who don't like you won't no matter what you do. I used to think I had to change to make someone else happy and it really does not work long term. If treatment makes the teenager with acne feel better about herself then that may be a good choice, but there will always be something about each of us that someone else does not like. She may even need medication prescribed from a doctor. We should strive to be God pleasers and not people pleasers.

I Feel Guilty From An Abortion
Thankfully God does not condemn us for what we do wrong, or none of us would be here. I believe the Holy Spirit may be convicting you that what you did was against God's will. I don't know your circumstances and will not pass judgment on you. Just give it to the Lord. Ask for his forgiveness and trust he forgives you. Going to the police is not the answer. Abortion is legal in most states now. God already knows the pain in your heart that you struggle with. Give it to God and go on. Stop condemning yourself. God is about love and forgiveness when you are truly sorry. I'd be more concerned if this happened and you didn't give it another thought. You obviously want to please God and He says that his grace is sufficient. So believe it.

Why Are You A Christian
For many are called, but few are chosen
Matthew 22:14, KJV

God calls us and we do the choosing. We can accept the free gift of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ or be like the foolish atheist and reject it. But we are given a choice. Our God is an awesome God.

Is Cosmetic Surgery Biblical
Cosmetic surgery would not be considered biblical, but there may be valid reasons to have it done, such as a birth defect (cleft palate) or burns with a lot of scar tissue. I think what you are referring to would be for vanity purposes, i.e. face lift, br. implants or liposuction. God sees us one way. We see ourselves another. He thinks we're beautiful the way we are, whatever that is. By worldly standards everyone tries to put us in a particular mold. We are to be God pleasers and not people pleasers.

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