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Did Jesus Heal Everyone That Asked
our faith is so very little that we must make God's commitment to us smaller. look to the Bigness of your God, not the bigness of your problem.
God WILL heal all who ask Him. He healed everyone through Jesus Christ who believed so passionately that His Heavenly Father wanted ot heal everyone, that He did. and only now do we say that he choooses not to. that is foolish, we choose not to be healed. When He comes ot get us, you will see, we will all be healed. thats what He wantsfor us now, to all be healed. call on Him, and He will give you comfort...and healing.rely on the medicines of the world you rely on a differnet master. you tell yourslefthat this is too big for God, you doubt and wonder if He will heal you. the answer is YES... always

Why I Should Sell Evil Music
music is simply an expression of the individual partaking in the art of music. the unison of which is always beautiful, regardless of faith. it is like language from the heart, without the confines of grammer and spelling. i say keep it real and enjoy what you do, because God made you afterall. he could have made us all squares, but here we are, options and feelings. you have one life to live, why not try to live it to the fullest potential?

Is Harold Camping Correct
I have been listening to family radios harold camping for a week and ive got to say he's way off his teachings are personalized in a way that is convinent to him he does know some of the scriptures but doesnt listen to Gods word in a way he's doing everything he says the church is "leading people away from the truth"
No man knows the day or the hour not even harold.

Pastor's Wife Is A Divorcee
The Bible says that you can divorce only in the case that your spouse commited adultry and you can only re marry a person who hasnt yet been married or is divorced also because there spouse commited adultry. if you get divorced or remarried for any other reasons, then you are commitind adultry.

Can Christians Smoke A Cig
The bible says to treat your body as a temple. Harming your body by smoking goes against that, so if you smoke, you are going against gods words

No Instruments In My Church
Because the bible does not give permission or say that we can use instruments in church. Why take a chance. And also you cant hear the words over instruments, it sounds a lot better with just peoples voices.

Is Mary The Mother Of God
It is obvious that you are a faithful Catholic.Before I enter to this very interesting topic. Do you believed in the Bible as the word of God? You can email me for further discussion. Thanks

Jesus Made Wine Or Grape Juice
Do you believe in the Bible? Does it say he did wine or grape juice? If it says wine, he probably made wine, right? Either you believe in the entire book or you don't believe in any of it. Simple as that!

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