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Appropriate Christian Discipline
i am 63 and a firm beleiver in discipline,i am now widowed but i disciplined my wife whenever she needed it,i think all in this modern day life would benefit from some corporal discipline

Are Getting Tattoos Sinful
After Jesus God wrote His laws in our hearts, if we have to question it, that pretty much gives you your answer. If you have been born again of water and of Spirit your body is a Holy temple and tatoos defile a Holy temple.

There Is A Demon In My House
SAINT MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL (*)google the prayer and look 4 the long version ... also look for prayers against demons or demonic spirits.

Are There Sinless People
markv, In reading your latest comments to haz27, you said kathr gives no scripture to support suffering. I see numerous references to scripture. You also said the same with the covenant given to Moses. That covenent given to Israel, and then agree it was in fact given only to Israel.

Markv, when you lie, you lose credibility with others. We all know you hate kathr and will slander her at every opportunity. Why would you do that and make yourself look schitz at the same time.

You aren't hurting her, but yourself. Please stop this back stabbing. Make your point without bringing non-essential comments along with them.

We are all getting tired of your approach. Grow up.

Who is Chuck Missler?
Continue preaching the word of GOD and let those who doubt burn in hell's fire.Your crown awaits you in Heaven.

37 Year Old Man Marry 20 Year Old
what was it like around friend s an family that the age differance was twenty years?in the south its made a big deal..that untill theygo to bars and the strip ,or hooters..

Is Obama The AntiChrist

I can see many are angry at obama. that is why they have labeled him the anti christ, communist, socialist, dictator.
when he raised his right hand & placed his hand on the bible & solemnly swear that he will faithfully execute the office of the president of the US and that he will defend, protect & preserve the constitution of the US. he is doing it to the best of his abilities.

What Do You Christians Believe
It's unfortunate that you assert boldly such a superficial reading of the bible. You seem to think there is only one meaning of the word saved, one meaning of forgiveness, etc. Also, are we really supposed to learn our doctrine only from the historical writings? I guess the Jews read 2Kings to solidify their understanding of the Law? Not Quite. Doctrine should be developed from those writings that were written for that purpose. And Acts is not one of them, sorry.

Good Works For Heaven
James 2:14-26 is not about going to heaven, even though he uses the word "saved". If you back up to v12, James is talking about the Judgment Seat of Christ, which is our REWARDS judgment. Then in v14 he says "my brethren", what if you show up for rewards and don't have any works? Will faith alone save you from losing all your rewards? Absolutely not. Read the Sermon on the Mount (Matt5-7) it's about works. And pay attention to the most common theme: REWARDS. Our works have nothing to do with going to heaven. Read Romans 4:21-22.

Rich Young Man In Bible
Where do I read that we are involved?

try romans 8:16-17 "...we are children of God, and if children, heirs also, heirs of God and FELLOW HEIRS WITH CHRIST, IF INDEED WE SUFFER WITH HIM so that we may also be glorified with Him.

an heir is one who inherits.

read through chapters 9, 10, and 11. in ch 9 he explains how God first chose israel to be the heirs (election). then ch 10 that israel rejected the inheritance by trying to earn it. then ch 11 how God has taken it from them and given it to us (grafted in). yes, us. that is, assuming you are a gentile. he warns us not to become too proud, or else we can be cut off. eventually, israel will be grafted back in.

Christians Remarry After Divorce
Many of us grew upseeing our parents together then divorced,and out of ignorance fallowed the same pattern. My issues is that many people want to say its wrong to divorce and remarry. But these things are not explained to us before a lot of us marry. Its great lack of reasponsibility that's been going on for to long. Someone needs to teach us these things before we tie the knot.

Selling Goods Inside A Church
Yes Jesus Got mad at people selling things in Gods temple and said this is a house of prayer,but you have made it a robbers den.Thats it to me.Dont sell anything in Gods temple.Its a house of prayer for us to learn,pray and worship God.Not to buy things.There is one thing that bothers me alot and that is coffee shops in churches,But yes the church should use part of the tiths to buys christian stuff and give it away in church.Its almost like churches just care about getting money rather then Trusting in the LOrd to provide for them.I lean more towards not selling anything in churches,no starbucks or anything.Just have faith in the Lord to provide you the money you need to keep the church going.

Did Adam Really Sin
please read romans 5,14

never the less death reigned from the time of adam to the time of moses,even over those who did not sin by breaking a command,as did adam

as a pattern then the one to come was jesus
who was sinless see

the whole thing about adam sinning is a lie brought to the church to keep it down that is why there is no holyness as there should be
we are to be perfect as our father is perfect but satan does not want that to be so the lie is you cant be...

Was Hitler A Christian

Google CONSTANTINE'S SWORD & watch the video. james carroll will explain the dangers of union of church & state.

What Are 21st Century Idols
Ruben and Mark: Are yo usure you are actually disputing the same matters. The comment of attacking (not mentioned directly) or defending (mentioned) the RCC is not what we talk about here.

We discuss a particult belief or lack therof, which may be held by some, or even all members of the RCC

Better not to go along the theory that all member of the RCC are exactly the same, or you may have misunderstandings leading to heavy disputes that are not meant

What Are 21st Century Idols
Darlene, yes you are right. I did not mean that we should not miss a church service to go with our family somewhere - I guess that's what it looked like. I mean that there may be times when thinking too much about our spouse/children/family may actually come between us and God. You are right, the example I gave was not very good. I feel that absolutely anything except God himself (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) can beome an idol - the question is, what is our greatest danger in this century - money? success? shopping? having a better house? In our century, it's certainly not the idols of the OT times, the gods of wood or whatever of the Philistines

Name Of Adam's Wife
It is a priveledge to meet someone like yourself that thinks he is intelligent enough to correct God's Word in Genesis 5:2. I suppose your acedemic credentials are as good as the men that translated the KJ Bible in 1611. Have you ever read about them? Seriously, in the light of Psalms 12:6-7 there has to be an inerrant preserved copy of God's Word for us to read. If you would do an honest study of manuscript evidence, you would know that. To bad you wasn't on the translation committee for the KJV!

Did Jesus Go To Hell
If hell is the grave, Jesus said a very strange thing in Matthew 5:29-30. If hell is the grave, what is the point of Jesus saying this? There is no torment in the grave, there is in hell (Lk 16:23) Hell has a key (Rev 1:18) because it has gates (Mat 16:18) A grave don't have those things. Mat 10:28 sure don't sound like a grave! Hell is under your feet (Amos 9:2, Mat 12:40, Acts 2:27)The truth is, when the bible means grave, it says grave. When it means hell, it says hell! (unless you just don't beleive some of the words in the bible)

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