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Thoughts On Precepts Bible Study
trying to go back over the study for colossians that i have from the class but hard for me to interpret what is said in the chapters - i typed it up and then i go back in chapter on computer to fill it it - easier that way - worksheets dont have lines to write on - trying to fill in charts is hard - not enough room to write in narrow columns - wish i could find one filled out on the precept website - maybe i am not just understanding what i am reading - not young anymore

Thoughts On Precepts Bible Study
i took precept class 2 years ago on colossians and really liked it but i hesitated in marking up bible - my daughter had gotten me a inductive study bible - now i have bought one of my own and would like to put the notes from colossians in it just dont feel like marking bible all up

How Will You Vote This Year
tho i believe the very libreral people in washington need to go - i do not approve of some of the so-called conservatives in the tea party movement like woman in nevada running against harry reid - while i would like to see harry reid gone she wants to get rid of social security, medicare and other govt programs - who will take care of us seniors if she has her way - my family certainly cant take of me

How To Speak In Tongues
Hi all ,,Speaking in Tounges is one of Gods gifts an if you will pray an seek him an you really want this gift he will give it to you i no because he gave it to me ..May God Bless all who reads this ....

How To Love Step Children
Well all i can say is cherish the relationships you do have with them.
My husbands children, 4 ranging in age from 23 to 30 have totally disowned me.
His ex wife threw him out and then we got to gether BUT she has convinced them that he would have crawled back to her (her words not mine) if not for me and so i am the 'scarlet' woman !!
How can you love and accept people that refuse to acknowledge you ?
I had such dreams, I can honestly say I loved them from the start because they were his but they have gradually eroded that and now I feel bitterness, dislike and disinterest in the lot of them. How can I keep trying to reach them and stop my heart from hardening further?

How To Love The Unlovable
know that God loves all of us.

Bush Adds 20,000 More Troops
I disagree with sending more troops. However,our President must have reasons unkown to us.

Do Christians Ever Sin
Eloy, I didnt say it, the bible did so u r accusing it not me. Read 1Cor15:51to54 the dead shall be raised incorruptible,and we shall be changed,V534 this corruptible must put on Incorruption n mortal put on immortality. WHY cos God dont want a sinner in heaven n at present we r still stained with it. Christ died to save us from death from our sins.

Can Christians Do Drugs
You do know the consequences of drug taking I take it...then you will know the answer to that question. It may have been used in bible days but not for getting on the high like some do 2day. It was purely for medicine and still is...God bless..

Fail To Keep The Commandments
kay, one of the pass bloggers has asked u many many questions for proof of your insulting statements and u have not answered anyone of them. Is it becos you like Lee n Johnt theyr all lies???I pray that u will be more sure of your statements in future. STOP LYING..only people with no brains do that...

Do Christians Ever Sin
We all are sinners no matter what..we inherited it all from our first parents..we know when were wrong so there4 repents..1Cor15:51-54 when Jesus returns, we will will rise up and instantly be changed..our corruptible bodies to incorruptible ones..why? cos of sin...

Gemstones Falling Into Church
Helen, then why isn't the blogs on Christianet in God's word? You support this!!?????

Gemstones Falling Into Church
We paid no attention to the gold dust and rubies..we got deeper into Gods presence.The gold dust was swept away by the cleaners! Glory to God!!

Jehovah Witness Prayer
I have 2 out of 4 of my Children J.W's and that makes 6 out of 10 of my grandchildren. I know how difficult it is to speak to them, but if they are desperate maybe they will listen. I am praying as well...

Was Steve Irwin A Christian
I am from Adelaide, South Australia and the Pastor announced the same here..that Steve accepted Christ in Queensland a few weeks prior to his death. I would like to see the matter closed.

Are Abortions Ever Right
God clearly says he knew the child BEFORE it was in the Mothers womb.

Who is John Hagee?
Hagee says that jews are saved without
being converted to Christianity.

Church Is A Waste Of Time
I take it you are not hungry for God....Church can do nothing for you. It is uplifting to Praise and Worship God with other believers.Also, Faith comes from Hearing...the Word of God.

Twelve People Accepted Christ
The most important thing now is to make sure they are followed up..."make deciples".....

Anti-Christ Or The False Prophet
It is not up to us to judge.....

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