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Anointing Of Sarcasm
Mark_V - Perhaps he should also preface a statement by saying that he uses the anointing of mockery too.

Wilfully Sins All The Time
After a person is saved they are a babe in Christ. They haven't yet learned how to stop the patterns of sin they indulged when they weren't saved.

Whatever is not known, there is no recognition of wrongdoing. God's word tells us what is wrong, and tells us how to stop doing wrong.

It takes a desire for God's word to grow thereby and learn how to submit to God, and resist the inclinations to sin, thereby overcoming all evil with good.

Anointing Of Sarcasm
It seems to me that the word of faith teacher believes that God is in control of everything, but he had a moment of sarcastic thinking that told him that God was not in control of everything.

The phrase "anointing of sarcasm" is merely his personal way of expressing the thought he had.

I would use the scripture from 2 Cor.10:4-5. The "anointing of sarcasm" was an unrighteous thought that seeks to exalt itself against the knowledge of God.

The faith teacher recognized it and properly submitted it to the obedience of Christ.

And decided to use the event in his sermon.

Was The Second Day Good
The third day is a continuing work from the second day.

It was only when God finished that particular project that he would call it "good".

God also didn't finish the following project he began on the third day until the fourth day. And called all that he did "good".

So the second day is not so unique as you thought.

Bless The Jews For Blessings
The Christians blessing the Jews is Biblically being obedient to God's word.

What Is God's Will
God's will is..

His word
His commandments

His promises
His benefits

His desire
His delight

His plan
His purposes

All of the above

How To Obey God
When anyone starts out, even with proper training in how to do something right, they will most likely do it wrong.

It's hard to know what you are talking about. In prayer there are many right ways to do different forms of prayer.

But in all things, practice what is known to be right.

The adage, "Practice makes perfect." is correct.

There is no scripture that would tell you that you don't have to obey all scriptures that require practicing doing it right.

How To Interpret Visions
The one who has the vision is the only one who should interpret it.

Like dreams. God uses symbols unique to you. If anyone else interpreted it, they'd be using their symbolic interpretations which would right for them, but wrong for you.

Pray to God for him to give you the interpretation of your vision.

Can We Trust The Bible
to the OP> The words that Jesus spoke in the gospels are mainly to the Jews. He said he came to them foremost. The epistles are especially of the new covenant and to those who believe in Jesus Christ. So, definitely read them!

Saved By The Blood
The circumcision was a sign of covenant with God, carried out at the hand of an official, without Jesus' consent. He was born a Jew, he gets circumcised. No option.

The crucifixion was in Jesus' willing obedience to carry out God's perfect will, to show God's tremendous love, provide grace, and thus please the Father. To provide an option to sinners who otherwise have no option.

Ask For Forgiveness
I need to ask forgiveness from a person who has died. Does the Bible say I can do this?

I needed to do that once. But the Bible forbids that we talk to the dead.

So I asked the Lord to relay a message to that person for me. Because I know that Jesus talks to that person in heaven.

Was Jesus A Carpenter
Was Jesus a carpenter?

I personally don't believe that he was in the sense of the word that is commonly taken.
I base my view on the use of Jewish idiom regarding common occupation verses ministry ordination.

A carpenter would not have had the training or been allowed to preach in the synagogue.

In Isaiah the quote is, "The stone that the builders rejected."

We know from the new testament that certain religious leaders rejected Jesus Christ as Messiah.

But others accepted him and became builders in regard to teaching scripture to others. The apostle Paul referred to himself as a builder.

Explain Least Of The Gifts
to Mark_V. on 4/16/13

You're starting to recycle what has already been covered.


Explain Least Of The Gifts
To Mark_V. on 4/15/13Jan, you made my point when you said,

"But I do get charged up by speaking in divinely given utterance that is addressed to God (1Cor.14:2)"
That is all you are doing, getting charged up.

That's right. Super-charged with the power of God. Stirring up the love of God that's been shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Spirit. Paul said a believer is edified, and I've experienced it. He said also that love edifies and I thank God for it.

Explain Least Of The Gifts
To Mark_V 4/11/13

Paul used the singular "tongue" when writing of human languages, so it is your interpretation that is at fault.

It's interesting that he'd say that it was speaking to God, which means that he is responsible for giving pagan counterfeit. Nice one Mark.

Implying with scripture refs that it's selfish edification is projecting your own sarcasm.

When ever God gave the gift of languages He also gave the gift of interpretation, so that the sign would also be edifying. Never was the gift used without such translation (.28).

As per the example you gave of your former Pentecostal pastor, he was being selfish in exercising vs.2?

Explain Least Of The Gifts
To Mark_V 4/13/13

I don't get any charge out of saying gibberish like super calla fragelystic expee alla doshus. (That's from song in a Disney movie)
But I do get charged up by speaking in divinely given utterance that is addressed to God (1Cor.14:2)

About 25 years ago I belonged to a Pentecostal church, the pastor there spoke in tongues privately. He never allowed anyone to speak in tongues during services. If someone did, he would sent an elder to stop the person.

His perogative as pastor.

At least there was some control, that's important.

Man's means of control means not getting any of God's personal edification to the church through proper ministry channels. Too bad.

Secular Civil Power Marriage
Cluny on 4/3/13 said: Wrong.

Ancient Romans and Greeks had marriage ceremonies presided over by the person authorized to do so. So do Buddhists and Hindus to this day.

Could you provide authorized information on that please regarding the ancient Romans and Greeks?

It's an idea of mine that only the wealthy would for legal, political reasons, slaves didn't have that luxury. And there were more slaves than wealthy. So my statement was regarding the larger group. Forgive me that I didn't specify that.

I can accept that Buddists and Hindus had some kind of ceremony but I was refering to those who were secular.

Rapture Second Coming
To Mark_V. on 4/3/13

Thank you for your little (how be it, unnessaray) lesson. But I didn't address you in my post, neither hadn't I and still haven't read your post, I was directly answering Gordon's OP.

You seem to be in such a hurry to teach me that you aren't paying attention to well. Perhaps you should work on that a bit.

Rapture Second Coming
\\Enoch, Elijah were harpazo'd. Jesus was harpazo'd.\\


Jesus ascended to heaven by His own power as God. He was not "caught up." Read the Greek. HARPAZO is not used for this.

I agree that it is different. Jesus did go up on his own power.

I took a liberty regarding the action itself in general terms. You might say that I got carried away in using the word harpazoed.

Thanks for the correction "that's wrong" Cluny.

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