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Message As Reading The Blogs
Lee, by your not telling to save this person reveals your unchristian personality is not of God. Your viewing of the snakes striking again and again also reveals your evil nature. Being a Jesuit leads one to this type of character. Lord forgive me this is the revelation given me of this character.

Once Saved Always Saved
Once saved always saved? Not so. My question now is, would God allow a sinner into heaven? Absolute NO!!!.Read 1Cor15:51,52,53,54. Why do we need this change? Read verse 50. Because corruption cannot inherit the kingdom of God. V42So also is the resurrection of the dead, sown in corruption, raised in incorruption.

Did Jesus Have A Free Will
Amen Raine, but beware of this freedom of choice 4 it does not come without warning. We must choose carefully what we must do and if it is the teachings of Christ and not of man.

Where Is The Ark Of The Covenant
the ark..Jesus is the ark of the covenant..absolutely..look at the is a model of Jesus and how we come to Him. our plan of salvation....He is the sanctuary...

Should Christians Smoke
absolutely no..if you know what the scripture says about your body, then no..your body is God's you think He will come into a smelly ugly temple tarnished by nicotine and tar? think again...but dont forget, God is a forgiving and patient God..if your still smoking, He's still waiting for you to stop altogether...think about it friend..dont wait too long, you may miss the boat..

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