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Divorce My Lazy Husband
My question is...are you still out there? Are you still married? Nearly 2 years since you posted your question and I am wondering if he has changed. Has true change or healing occured? I have been married for 19 years on the basis of fulfilling my vows and my husband has never changed. Pretty tough to pick up that cross and follow Him sometimes when your dreams have been dashed for that many years. It is by grace alone...but I have to count my many blessings also. I guess I fear the consequences of devorce more than my desire for a real man. By the responses on this blog it seems that there are more women married to children than I thought, self included. I'm still taking things day by day. God bless those of you really trying to follow Christ.

Is Smoking A Sin
If you are saved you most certainly will not go to hell even if you do smoke. But, smoking defiles the body (the temple of the Holy Spirit) and God will destroy it. Jesus paid for all you sins....and yes smoking is a sin. If you are not saved, get saved and let God work on you overcoming sin. With Him, All things are possible.

Worrying About Salvation
Stand on God's promises in the Bible, not your feelings. Even if you "feel" unsaved, if you asked Jesus to Save you with a sincere heart and want to live for HIM you are saved not matter what happens afterwards. It a done deal. His promises don't change.

New Year's What's Up
I want to put Jesus first for a change. I always try to take control of problems and fix them then I make them worse. So now, I'm letting the Master of the Universe, Savior and Lord of Lords fix them. I am going to read the Bible daily, pray, listen to uplifting Christian music, attend church as often as possible 3x week, tithe, witness, take care of my body by eating right, exercising, getting enough sleep, no strong drink and submit to my husband. Thank you God for your Son! Praise Jesus.

Biblical Advice For Abuse
Move on with your life. Get help, get stronger and get out. If he wants to reconcile, wait till he shows signs of change and agrees to marriage counseling. If he divorces you....consider it a gift! Realize that to some men "submit" means they have the right to do whatever they want with a woman. This is not bibical.

Men Interested In Large Women
I believe that you can find someone despite your weight (I did) I'm much heavier than my husband. But I always dressed nice, put alittle make-up on to look healthy (not cheap) and tried to smile. It's about attitude. If your saved, then remember your belong to Jesus so look for someone equally yoked.

Should I Divorce My Husband
The Bible does allow divorce if it is for fornication...not adultry. Emailing singles or even subscribing to a dating service is adultry. However, in Matt 19:9 Jesus stated very clearly "And I say unto you, Whosover shall put away his wife, EXCEPT it be for fornication, and shall marry another committeth adultery (KJV) My advice is this, keep you eyes open and know there are huge red flags.

Offended By Women Pastors
I am a female and yes I take offense to a female pastor, a woman in a woman group is one thing but not from the pulpit on sunday morning. read the new testatment.

Daughter-In-Law Problems
Is this where people say if the truth hurts?...I think the reading between lines could be more we have loved her from day 1 instead of saying I didn't include her...why is it the MIL always seems to get the blame when in doubt and a daughter-in-law is sweet and kind. I have often noticed lots of notes about terrible MIL's ..must be we are all in the same boat. Next time try and give us MIL's a little credit...:>)

Daughter-In-Law Problems
My DIL is nice to everyone one minute and gets angry at the drop of a hat the next. She is an "it's all about me person". "High maintenance", as our other sons would say. You are right when you say I perhaps am not praying for the right reasons. I need to change my way of praying. She really needs to find happiness within herself before she can be happy with any of us...tks for the help

Find Someone To Share Their Life
I too have been waiting for someone to share my life with.It is hard to find someone, even though I know they are out there.Wait on the Lord,he has not forgotten our needs.

Muslim Congressman And Koran
Take God out of the government. Why? Because there are individuals that have shouted long and loud about what there rights are. We as Christians need to start shouting even louder. This country was founded on God and the Bible, Our for fathers used the bible to write the laws of this land. What happen to those God fearing men? What happen to our voices, hear my voice, I as a God loving woman want to voice my right to have God in my every thing, including my government, my schools, and oath to my flag.

Which Bible Is The Best
I think it is our choice to see and choose a bible that is clear and concise.

Is Satan The Ruler Of Hell
Satan is the ruler of this world and hell is his home. Christians don't belong here and in the Bible it clearly states that Christians are foreigners in this world.

Are Men To Rule Over Their Wife
Wife should be with her Husband as Husband would be with his Wife.Husband should support his Wife finiacial and rule in a loving way that pleases God.

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