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Lifting Of Hands In Your Church
our church donot lift hands up to worship The Almighty God who deserves it rightly. If the Bible says do so, then we should do also. Some do exactly what the Word says and some dont however, there are many who do things accordingly but with no heartfelt feelings at all. Yes, if the Word says do, then we should all do it. He is an awesome God who is so deserving of our worship and praises.

Pray For Thyroid Healing
My thyroide glands were removed many years ago and had to live with Thyroxine Tablets for the necessary supply however, 2 years ago, I joined the Juicing for Health program, I was taught what to eat and drink natural raw juices to help supply natural iodine etc which my body needed. I juiced and ate heaps of greens, some half cooked etc. Two years now, I have not taken my thyroxine tablets again. My advice, eat heaps of raw greens or half cooked. Brocoli, string beans, silver beets, spinach,Kale a top vege to

True Church Of God
there is so much hatred amongst us so called christians on this blog it is so sad.

How To Deal With Fear
Friends, when Fear knocks at your doors, send Faith to open it. And you will find, there is noone there. Or, when Fear shows up, get ontop of it, Thats where Jesus is. Praise Him every moment of the day cos He is mighty and awesome and ever so present in all times of need amen.

Why Disciples Were Male
If you read about the temporary sanctuary that was built in the desert during the Israelites journey to Canaan, you will find that God specifically picked Men only from the Levis to perform duties in the Sanctuary. No women and so there should not be any women pastors or bishops today if we are CHrists followers. None in the Courtyard, Holy and most Holy place. That should be a lesson to all.

Greed Around The World
Absolutely will, including the whole world. In fact, we will all fall of coveting. It is so easy to covet unknowingly. Lord help us to become very weak in the temptation stakes.

What Is A Prophet
but how can you prove that a person is approved of God and is a prophet? Anyone can pretend to use scripture to fool anyone. What is physical proof to prove otherwise. E.G.White is the prophet of the Adventists. Can you prove to me that she was approved of God? She never claimed that she was one but Adventists did and still do

When Did New Testament Start
Trav, thank you. Gal 4:5 Hes talking about the ceremonial laws that He abolished at the cross.

Bless The Jews For Blessings
thanks Trav yes, and Judah.

How To Deal With Fear
If fear comes to your door, send FAITH to answer, and you will never find anyone there lol. Christians should not have anything to fear but God. amen.

Never Got An Engagement Ring
dont worry about such things as jewellery dear. It is of pagan origin and it (the rings) has a sexually orientated meaning. Adam n Eve didnt have any ring at all. I never wore mine again after learning of its meaning.

Asking Dead Folks For Favors
Foremost, we christians should know what the Bible says if we are believing christians. The dead dont know anything. They are just that. Dead and cannot communicate. We should all know that it is satan pretending to be the dead. Believe it or not. If not, then your not of Christ end of the matter. Thus says the Word.

When Did New Testament Start
The New Testament started at the death of Christ we should all know that.When He became the Lamb of God,Sacrifice for our sins. Ceremonial things vanished and Christ atones for our sins. No more animal killings. Christ is the New Testament. Everything thereafter points to His 2nd coming.

Sin Adam Committed
Adam listened to his wife. He chose her to Jesus. Just like some weak men of today who is easily swayed by their Eves and get them into trouble. Adam had no backbone to stand up against his wife. many of us like that today, me included.

Bless The Jews For Blessings
How can the Jews bless anyone when God's blessing went to the Gentiles after the Jews stoned Stephen? God left the Jews then because they didnt want to believe that Jesus who was a Jew is the Savior. God no longer have a favourite nation as Israel was because of their disobedience and nonbelief. Bless yourselves by believing God Almighty and not man. Amen

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