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Jehovah Witness Bible Differences
I kindly invited a JW once into my house and all I heard was their view of the truth..did I get a word in? Never..I got up, told them if I dont get to say wot I think, then they better leave..and they left..Never again will I ever allow any of them into my home..they got their message across, but to hell with others..thats the attitude I got from them

Are You Part Of God's Remnant
there is no competitiveness when it comes to the Word of God..All you need to do is FOLLOW EXACTLY WOT IT SAYS..and thats wot commandment followers are doing..the Bible says: IF YOU LOVE ME, OBEY MY COMMANDS..and wot is wrong with that? Can you tell Christ to scrap His statement Lee?????all too often some humans twist things around to suit their liking instead of God's..follow Him..not man

Do Women Dress Appropriately
the ways women dress today is dictated to them how men would rather want to see them has always been in control of all advertisings on tv, books who dictate how fashions should be..thats how satan wanted things isnt it?? he uses us to do his work unknowingly..anything that goes against Gods teachings..unbeknown to us, we do willingly...

Why Should People Attend Church
Tony, yes your right however, when the gathering got so big and not enough room in the homes, then it was decided that a huge building should be ideal where we all come together as one, edifying each other etc and, just as Lee says...our assembling together is very important..if you go it alone, then you will be spiritually needs a weekly encouragement like..

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