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Darwin Or The Bible
// As God is outside of time, He is not bound by our understanding of time... I am not sure about Adam, as he was living in Eden. However, Noah and the others lived 24 hour days. //

While I agree God is outside of time, I think many would say, including myself, that in Genesis 1:1, God created time ("in the beginning"), space ("heaven"), and matter ("earth").

So, if "time" was there at the outset of Genesis, why would it be any different for Adam than it was for Noah?

Was Mary Free Of Sin
No she was not.

Rom 3:23 For ALL have sinned, and come short of the glory of God,

Old Humans Before The Flood
I agree with the moderator as well.

Genesis suggests there was water (perhaps a layer of ice) above the atmosphere at the time of creation Gen 1:6-7. Water reduces UV radiation. This layer likely disappeared at the time of the flood.

Also, our genetic code has deteriorated over time and is not as pure as it once was. Perhaps this is a time when the tree of life would come in handy.

Purgatory, Heaven Or Hell

I would hope the Spirit of truth would guide you to discern what is truth and what is not rather than having a scholar decide that for you. Clearly what these books teach is at odds with the bible and this is why they were rejected. If you cant see that then I feel sorry for you.

// the argument a book being quoted in the New Testament is evidence of its inspiration, and it not being quoted proves it isn't inspired is logically indefensible//

I never said that was the only evidence, but I would say its the strongest and for you to disregard it is irresponsible in my opinion. The fact that Jesus and the NT writers referred to the OT as we have it today and none of the apocrypha is enough for me.

Purgatory, Heaven Or Hell
//Allowing for variations in translations, this is almost a word for word quote//

Youre still assuming one came from the other when really you cant prove that. Perhaps they both used the same source. Either way its an assumption, no one really knows. Youre correct that the book of Enoch is part of the pseudepigrapha which means "false writings" and is not even on par with the Apocrypha. However, both are non-canonical because they were not inspired.

Again I ask you StrongAxe, do you think Maccabees is inspired? How about Tobias? Please answer.

Purgatory, Heaven Or Hell
//Yet Ruth (a canonical book) is never cited//

There is more than just Ruth that is not quoted, however, what youre forgetting is the OT was in three parts: The Law, The Prophets, and The Psalms. Ruth is included in third part. Jesus himself referred to all three Luke 24:44.

//Jude 1:14 directly quotes 1 Enoch 1:9//

Its similar, but not a direct quote. Youre assumption that it is is purely speculation on your part. Perhaps they were both aware of the same prophecy.

//Titus 1:12 quotes the pagan Greek philosopher Epimenides//

Paul was simply quoting a popular saying at the time, nothing more nothing less.

So tell me StrongAxe, do you think Maccabees is inspired? How about Tobias? Please share.

Purgatory, Heaven Or Hell
//Wow, and you are able to determine that Maccabees is not inspired, by what method?

The apocrypha promote doctrines which are at odds with the Bible. Nowhere in the New Testament are any of the apocrypha books cited. Jesus quoted from the Old Testament, never from the apocryphal books.

Maccabees teaches prayer for the dead: It is therefore a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead, that they may be loosed from sins 2 Maccabees 12:46. This is paganism. The bible teaches no second chances after death: And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment Heb 9:27

Purgatory, Heaven Or Hell
//But 2 Maccabees IS part of the Bible//

Not mine, but probably yours. Does it have historical significance? Perhaps. Is it inspired? Definitely not!

Strong Delusion Of The Last Days
//Sooooo, will the final beast, the one we see in Revelation and Thesselonians actually claim to be God,or Jesus Christ Himself//

A beast is a kingdom (bible definition) and therefore a political power. The antichrist is very likely the leader of that power. The antichrist may not outwardly claim to be God, but will think to stand in the place of God. That same passage in Thessalonians refers to the antichrist as son of perdition. This name has only been bestowed on one other, namely Judas. So the antichrist will likely appear to be one of us, but will betray us and God. Revelation 17 says a woman (church) rides the beast, therefore we know this system to be a church as well as a political power.

End Time Religions
//I realize that the fourth beast of Daniel being a mahometan empire doesn't fit with what the SDA church teaches, but that doesn't bother me//

Interesting you should say that because the early church fathers understood that the Roman Empire must first fall before the antichrist would be revealed. The reformers taught this as well, so its not just a SDA teaching. BTW Im not a SDA.

End Time Religions
//I was talking about the CITY of Babylon, which was never in the Roman Empire//

Wrong again. At its peak in 117 AD, the Roman Empire included the city of Babylon, but its a moot point.

//But the Roman Empire has nothing to do with the visions of Daniel//

You simply state this, but offer no scriptural support for your position. The Roman Empire and its successor the RCC are the ONLY logical answer.

End Time Religions
//Mahometan empires always included historical geographical Babylon, just like the first three visions of Daniel. But the Roman empire never did//

Actually youre wrong. Mesopotamia (including geographical Babylon) was a province of the Roman Empire. A simple wiki search will prove this. The fact is the fourth kingdom (Roman Empire) took over the third empire (Greece). History confirms this. As previously stated, the other empires you mentioned came from the ten toes of the image in Daniel including the USA. The little horn power thought to change times and laws Dan 7:25. Only the RCC has done this . They instituted the Gregorian calendar (times) named after Pope Gregory XIII and the RCC uses its own ten commandments (laws).

End Time Religions
//as Babylon was never part of the Roman Empire, but was part of the other 3//

No, but its religion and philosophies were certainly incorporated into the Roman Empire.

Not sure why you would think the book of Daniel which tells us of the future to come up to the second coming of Christ would simply gloss over the Roman Empire. Perhaps your motive is diversion rather than truth?

End Time Religions
//The Little Horn in Daniel 7 is Antiochus IV Epiphanes//

You wouldn't really know because as you previously admitted you spend very little time reading and understanding the book.

The little horn power arises from the fourth kingdom, the Roman Empire. Antiochus was part of the third kingdom. I already proved this to you from scripture, but believe what you will.

End Time Religions
//the only "Biblically" backed meaning that I can find is Israel//

The harlot in Revelation 17 is NOT Israel. The harlot is synonymous with the little horn power in Daniel 7. The little horn power arises from the fourth kingdom, which is the Roman Empire. Israel did not arise from the Roman Empire, but the RCC did.

End Time Religions

A woman, eschatologically speaking, refers to a church. The church referred to in Revelation 17:4-6 is none other than the RCC. The colors used by the RCC are purple (bishops) and scarlet (cardinals). The RCC is the most wealthy church in the world by far, much of it acquired at the expense of innocent victims. The RCC has arguably killed more Christians in history than anyone else, labeling them as heretics or witches. Ancient pagan religions such as sun worship and Mithraism have been incorporated into the RCC. There are many good people in the RCC faith, but unfortunately most who follow it have been deceived.

AntiChrist Coming Soon
//I spend very little time with either of those books//

Well thats a shame because Jesus tells us to understand the book of Daniel Matt 24:15. Were also told blessed is he that reads and understands Revelation Rev 1:3.

//People can make the book of Daniel mean whatever they think they want it to mean. The same goes for the Book of Revelation//

No, it is what it is, but some prefer to wear blinders and keep them on. It should be obvious that Christs second coming did not occur during the Greek Empire. The stone (Christ) strikes the FEET of the image, not the thighs Dan 2:34. The feet are the remnant of the Roman Empire. Who was referred to as Ponifex Maximus and who bears that title today? Hint: its not a mahometan.

AntiChrist Coming Soon
//The whole book of Daniel was written to encourage the Jews in Palestine who were being oppressed by Seleucid Greeks//

Wow, talk about limiting Gods word. The book of Daniel tells us of kingdoms to come up to the second coming of Christ. Its clear that Medo-Persia (chest of silver) succeeds Babylon (head of gold) Dan 5:28. Its also clear that Greece (thighs of bronze) succeeds Medo-Persia Dan 8:20-21. So who then represents the legs of iron?? Hint: its another kingdom!

Not sure why you think Daniel would stop at Greece. Daniel is the key that unlocks the book of Revelation. Many of the images we find in Revelation are defined in Daniel. Do you think that Revelation just applies to the Jews?

AntiChrist Coming Soon
//The fourth beast is Greece//

Referring to the image seen by Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 2, the head of gold is Babylon, the chest of silver is the Medo-Persian Empire, hence the two arms. The thighs of bronze are the third kingdom. Bronze is associated with ancient Greece. The legs of iron are the fourth kingdom. Iron is associated with the Roman Empire. The two legs are symbolic of the Western Empire (Rome) and the Eastern Empire(Constantinople).

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