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Dr. Kavorkian Gets Out Of Jail
I have cancer Im in pain every day. I cant imagion what the end will be like. I try not to think about it. I just hope I have someone who will make it ....easy????

Friendship With A Married Man
i started talking to a guy on the internet several years ago
i knew at the time he was married
we had some wonderful conversations i thought here is a geniune guy which you dont find easily
we had a lot of things in common and would talk about so many things i think it was an outlet for the both of us
yes i think you can have a friendship with a married man

Invest In The Stock Market
Yes.In the bible, the master who went away and entrusted the three servants with money congratulated the servant who made profit.

Report Miracle Healing
yes. praise the lord, i was healed of diabetus, after chemo, & also, he improved my sight, so i don't need to wear glasses, only to read very fine print & my dr said not to wear them, but do not strain, so yes. jesus is still in healing to-day, all praise and glory to God,amen.

Am I A True Prophet
I believe you, i have had my own experiences and dreams that have shown me what heaven is like.

I have had experiences that are unbelievable, and my latest dream showed what is to come.

My dreams are not like any other. At first although uplifted i was afraid to tell any one, i knew people would say i was mad,mentally deranged or some thing.

Some christians are as much likely to not believe as non christians. I feel i must pass onto the world what i have seen regardless of wether they choose to believe me or not.

Is Jimmy Swaggart A Christian
Having an opinion is an opt out for standing in judgement. Leave God to be the judge of all men. I am not a Jimmy Swaggart fan but he has surely touched many lives with the gospel message. Lets get on with what we are suppose to do while here on earth be His witnesses.

Women Should Persue A Man
just want to read

Depressed Pastor Left Me
The Sheep go through the Gate, the Heavenly Fence or Wall. The good shepherd 'enters by the gate' and leads his sheep out through the gate of the sheepfold, to safety.
Get up, jean. Time to get up.

Dress Anyway To Church Today
That is because you can not find decent clothing to wear. I have been looking for dresses to wear to church, I can not find anything suitable so I settle for pants and a jacket. Not what I like to wear to church. Again as long as they come why worry what they wear.

Should One Marry If Pregnant
ff. Since you are the grandparent to be and the young lady has support of church and family, I would seriously consider this man's character. If she were not pregnant, does he have the character of a person you would want her to marry? Scripure states that when you have sex with anyone, even a prostitute, you become one with that person. So, she has in effect already become one with him. If the man is no good, let her not marry him. And ask the Lord to break those soul ties with him.

I Am Having Visions
GOD speaks through visions and dreams Numbers 12:6 He said,"Listen to my words:"When a prophet of the LORD is among you,I reveal myself to him in visions,I speak to him in dreams. Job 33:14,15For God does speaknow one way,now anotherthough man may not perceive it.In a dream, in a vision of the night,

Join The ChristiaNet Penpals
i would b interested.....jean

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