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Divine Judgment On USA
I have very few comments on any of these blogs.
I sit back and watch endless arguments coming from people who are supposed to be Christians and all I see are accusations and finger pointing. I would really like to be engaged in intelligent conversation with other Christians but these blogs are mostly contrived of "Meaningless genealogy and fables that bring strife." Sorry but I won't be a part of this any more. In Christ, Jeff

Church Through Tribulation
I see a lot of verses being taken out of context. If you will notice, the Church is no longer mentioned at all after Chapter 3 in the book of Revelation. Christ is coming soon. Our redemption draws nigh.

Biggest False Doctrine Ever
In my opinion it's the views of the emergent church movement. Their liberal views of biblical Christianity and "anyone can get to heaven under any deity" concept floors me.
Much can be said on this movement but folks should really study this for themselves to get a real understanding of the falsities the emergent churches promote. It all boils down to: You either believe the God of the bible and His perfect, infallible word or you don't...that's it.

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