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Who Are These Thiefs
Now imagine five in a row. The soldiers brake one guy's legs, then the next, then go to Jesus who is dead already. The other two wouldn't be mentioned because the record continues with the soldier piercing Jesus' side, the affirmation that the record is true, and the events fulfilling scripture.

Who Are These Thiefs
John, thanks for responding.

That's another thing that puzzled me. John 19:32-33 says the soldiers broke the legs of the first and the other, but when they came to Jesus, he was already dead.

Imagine Jesus between two others. The soldiers brake one guy's legs, then walk past Jesus to brake the other guy's legs, then go to Jesus who is dead already. Hmmm.

Who Are These Thiefs
Thank you all for responding! Those are all wonderful, human arguments. But what I was asking for was scriptural evidence.

Concerning the birth of Jesus, Matthew mentions the wise men but not the shepherds, while Luke mentions the shepherds but not the wise men. Yet, no one tries to make the shepherds and the wise men the same people.

What evidence is there in scripture that there were not four, two malefactors and two thieves, crucified with Christ?

Who Are These Thiefs
If they are the same people, how, then, do you reconcile the fact that only one malefactor railed on Jesus in Luke, while both thieves did so in Matthew?

Is God Just One Person
Ulrika, I know the scripture you quoted and several others like it. I just wanted to point out that the doctrine of the trinity states that the Father and the Son are co-equal and co-eternal.

Is God Just One Person
1st Cliff, the context starts in ch. 7 and does say how Jesus and his Father are one.

Ulrika, trinity does not acknowledge that the Father is greater than the son.

Lisa, as evidenced by this forum, people are not going to change their minds unless they want to. But you can be more grounded by looking up every verse that says anything about who Jesus is and reading them all in context. Yes, I know it's a lot of work, but well worth it! :) 2 Tim 2:15

Do You Like The Church You Attend
Karen, try home Bible fellowships. If you don't know where one meets, perhaps I can find one for you.

Explain 1 Corinthians 2:7-8
Thanks! Happy to help.

Was The World Made In 6 Days
A more thorough study of Gen 1 combined with Isaiah and other scriptures reveals that God created the heaven and the earth (Gen 1:1) at some unknown time in the past, then the devil fought God and ruined the first heaven and earth (Gen 1:2), then God spoke the heaven and earth back into order in seven days (Gen 1:3 - 2:3). Note the words "was" in v. 2; and that "created" is used in only 3 incidents.

We live in heaven and earth #2, but the explanation is too long for this forum.

Explain Matthew 28:19
Lisa, I think I know what you're referring to, but the explanation and proof would be too long for this forum. Please write me.

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